WATCH: Heat-Stroked Hiker Secured in Daring Helicopter Rescue in Big Cypress Preserve

by Chris Haney

Last week, rescue workers in a helicopter airlifted a hiker in Florida after he suffered a heat stroke. Footage from the daring rescue was captured by a camera within the helicopter, and you can see the rescue as it unfolds in the clip below.

The hiker and his friend went out on Friday in Florida’s Big Cypress Preserve. While on a hike, one of the two men suffered a “medical emergency,” according to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office. Authorities added that the hiker seemed to be “exhibiting signs of heat stroke” as the pair walked along the waterlogged Florida National Scenic Trail about 4:15 p.m. that day.

Following the emergency call, officials launched a ground search while working with the National Park Service. Inclement weather delayed aircrews from responding right away. But once the weather calmed down enough for the helicopter to search, it took about an hour to locate the two hikers. The sheriff’s office also noted that the hikers used flashlights to signal the helicopter to their location.

The two hikers were found about seven miles south of a rest area at the 63-mile-marker on Interstate 75 outside of Ochopee, Florida. As the helicopter crew spotted the hiker and his friend, footage shows a rescuer lowered to the ground as the aircraft hovers high above a thick area of cypress trees.

The rescuer assessed the hiker’s condition and promptly hoisted each of the men into the chopper. The helicopter then transported the hikers to the nearby rest area where Collier County paramedics evaluated the heat stroke victim. There is no update at this time on the hiker’s health, but you can watch the entire rescue in the clip below.

Rescuers Recover Missing Paddler, Injured Hiker in Colorado

Hikers had some close calls last week, and not just in Florida. On Saturday, Colorado Search and Rescue had a busy day as they rescued a missing paddler and an injured hiker in unrelated incidents.

According to The Denver Gazette, the rescue team’s first recovery occurred after they received an emergency call from the Mount Wilson area. A hiker reportedly sustained an injury to a lower extremity. The outlet shared that San Miguel County’s air resources were vital in the rescue since they helped pinpoint the hiker’s location.

After the aircrew found the hiker, Dolores County Search and Rescue took action. The team used a High Altitude Training Center Helicopter to rescue the injured individual. Afterward, the Colorado Search and Rescue team transported them to a nearby medical center.

Yet that wasn’t the end of their day since the rescue team had a second emergency call to deal with last weekend. After rescuing the hiker, they responded to another emergency over a missing kayaker. They eventually found the kayaker along the San Miguel River between Norwood and Naturita.

The outlet shared that the Colorado Search and Rescue team discovered the paddler who couldn’t continue their kayak trip. Since they couldn’t proceed, rescuers transported them out of the remote area.