WATCH: Hellbent 7-Foot Shark Snaps Angler’s Rod in Half in Terrifying Encounter

by Shelby Scott

A British fisherman had a daunting encounter with an aggressive 7-foot shark when it completely snapped his rod in half after he tried reeling the massive animal in. Take a peek at the intense footage here.

According to The Sun, 53-year-old angler Ray Breton had been fishing alone off of the Isle of Wight on his 16-foot-long boat when a strong-willed seven-foot porbeagle shark snagged onto his line. The aforementioned clip shows Breton as he battles the shark for a little over two minutes before the apex predator manages to snap his pole.

More significantly, before he began recording, the fisherman said he’d already battled the animal for an hour. He said he spent that time trying to get the beast alongside of his boat. Fortunately, though the determined animal managed to break loose, Breton did manage to get its measurements. As stated, the giant fish measured seven feet in length and was estimated to weigh about 300 pounds.

As an experienced fisherman, Breton explained that this most recent encounter was unique in a way.

“I have caught a few sharks,” he said, “but this one seemed angrier than usual. I was really pleased but was aching for a while afterwards.”

According to The Sun, the Porbeagle, while a relative of the infamous Great White, is not harmful to humans. Though, as we see in the video, they boast immense power, the outlet states they rarely come toward the shore.

Everything You Should Know About the Porbeagle Shark

Boasting a much less intimidating name than its cousin the Great White, the porbeagle shark is the closest living relative to the ocean’s most terrifying predator. Breton’s encounter with the seven-foot Porbeagle shark is unsurprising as, in addition to the blue shark and the thresher shark, the Great White’s cousin is the only shark native to UK waters.

In speaking about the porbeagle variety of shark, Richard Pierce, a wildlife conservationist and shark expert, said, “Porbeagle Sharks are Britain’s very own Great White.”

Some of the Porbeagle’s most defining features include their “mackerel” blue tone, their pointed snouts, and a white mark that typically adorns the area at the rear base of their dorsal fin. Typically reaching up to 12 feet in length, they can weigh approximately 500 pounds or more.

Last year, another British angler, Simon Davidson, actually broke the record for the UK’s largest Porbeagle shark, reeling in a 550-pound monster. The previous record, achieved in 1993 by Scottish fisherman Chris Bennet, weighed a still rather impressive 507 pounds.

Last year’s record-breaking shark was especially noteworthy as Davidson said it took him and six other anglers to hold the Porbeagle down to get an accurate measurement. The beast, like Breton’s, measured seven feet in length and six feet in width.