WATCH: Hellbent Hammerhead Chasing Stingray Gets Within Feet of Beachgoers at Shoreline

by Sean Griffin

In this insane viral clip posted to Facebook, a massive hammerhead shark wrestles a stingray and comes mere feet away from beachgoers standing on the shore. The video is taken overhead from a hotel balcony looking down on the beach.

The incident occurred in Orange Beach, Alabama, a popular tourist destination along the Gulf Coast. The huge hammerhead darts around the water chasing the stingray. In a NSFW audio, the woman videoing use expletives, warning the people to get out of the water and out of harm’s way. Luckily, everyone escapes in time before the hammerhead gets too close.

Some Facebook users joked about the woman’s commentary on the video. “After listening to her mouth I’d take my chances with the shark and jump from the railing,” one joked.

Another person wrote about this video being the exact reason they don’t swim in the ocean. “One of the reasons I don’t swim in the ocean. I’m perfectly fine hanging out on the shore.”

A final user joked that their family would have to find some other activity for the day. They wrote: “So alrighty kids, who’s ready to hit the arcade for the rest of the day?!?!”

Man Wrestles Not a Hammerhead But What Appears to Be A Sand Tiger Shark on New York Beach

In this shocking video footage, a man wrestles with a shark on a New York beach after a string of recent attacks.

Amid record-setting shark sightings and attacks in recent weeks around New York, this video went viral. Footage shows the man reeling in and wrestling a shark on the shore of a popular Long Island Beach. Some onlookers watched with delight, others with terror. But one thing’s for sure: everyone there was surprised by the scene.

The incident took place on Sunday at Smith Point Beach on Fire Island. Last month, not one but two horrifying shark attacks took place there.

The unidentified man stands ankle-deep in the tide before pulling a gray tail from the water and to the surface. Unlike last video with a hammerhead, this shark was a sand tiger shark.

“Holy s–t,” a woman yells in the background. Beachgoers started crowding around the watch the scene up-close. The shark continually tries to release itself and dive back into the water, however, the man succeeds in dragging the predator on the sand.

One of the photos shown on a beachgoer’s Instagram Story depicts another person helping the man pull the massive predator out of the ocean.

The man’s actions attracted criticism on social media. One person wrote: Any reason why they pull that shark out of the water? Isn’t it [in its own] habitat?” Another said, “Kind of wish the shark had bit this guy. Leave the animals alone!”