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WATCH: Herd of Deer Spotted Traveling Through Dangerous Whiteout Conditions in Minnesota

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Michael Williams/Getty Images)

A winter storm that began pummeling the west coast earlier this week has rapidly made its way across the country. The storm system brought blizzard conditions to states spanning the Midwest and created whiteout conditions in parts of Minnesota. Stunning video footage, captured by a Minnesota photographer, sees a herd of white-tailed deer traveling in the midst of incredibly dangerous whiteout conditions. Take a look.

In the video, we watch as a herd of seven or eight deer forges a path through the storm. Photographer Carol Bauer also took in whiteout conditions against an old barn as well as the view while driving down an unnamed MN road.

Blizzard conditions in Minnesota preface what’s likely to become a nor’easter in the northeast of the country over the weekend. The storm that wrought devastation in communities across Texas and Louisiana mid-week comes just days before states like New York, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont are expected to see anywhere between 18 and 24 inches of snow.

On Friday, just a few days after the footage of the deer in MN’s whiteout conditions went viral, NY Governor Kathy Hochul issued an urgent warning to state residents. She encouraged those that are able to remain at home instead of traveling during the storm to do so. Hochul said in a statement, “We urge everyone in the impacted regions to avoid unnecessary travel tonight and tomorrow. Work from home if possible, stay off the roads, and make sure you and your loved ones remain vigilant.”

Skier Plows Into Deer While Enjoying Time on the Slopes

While the herd of MN deer struggled to find a safe place to hunker down during the worst of the winter storm, a different white-tailed deer had an even more unpleasant experience in the snow. Video footage captures the moment a single deer was hit by a skier coming down the slopes of a mountain. It also shows the skier moments after he hit the deer before he hoists the seemingly dead animal onto his shoulders. He then proceeds to carry the deer’s body down the slope. Be sure to watch the insane video.

The brief clip is actually pretty humorous. The first few moments see the skier and his companions looking down at the deer’s body in the snow dumbfounded. One of the skier’s friends says, “I can’t believe that f—ing just happened to you.”

Viewers, however, were skeptical about how the situation really occurred. Several pointed out that it was strange the skier walked away from the impact with the deer unscathed while the animal itself was seemingly killed.

“Dude would have been seriously injured if he hit that deer hard enough to kill it,” one viewer argued. Another agreed, writing, “How did the deer die from impact but [the skier] survived without injury????”

Unfortunately, the footage didn’t capture the impact at the time it occurred. So we’re left to wonder what exactly happened between the skier and the deer while watching the video on loop.