WATCH: Hiker Captures Wild ‘Bigfoot’ Footage Thanks to Go-Pro

by Amy Myers
Photo by Bettmann/Getty Images

The latest “Bigfoot sighting” seems to have surfaced on TikTok from a hiker that believes the mysterious creature was watching them from afar. As with all Bigfoot footage, the clip has sparked a controversy among viewers and fellow cryptid chasers.

In this case, it doesn’t seem that the hiker was actively searching for Sasquatch. While traveling along the trail, the person focus their head-mounted Go-Pro on their backpack so that they could grab a snack before continuing on. As they removed their pack and took out some apple slices, the camera caught a strange, dark mass off to the right.

According to the TikToker, who analyzed the hiker’s footage after the event, this was no glitch or shadow – this was a towering, bipedal creature that had been watching her the entire time. They even circled where they believed the creature was lurking so that viewers didn’t miss the sighting.

Watch below and decide for yourself.

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Often with potential Bigfoot spottings, hikers and backcountry explorers claim that these forest-dwelling creatures are incredibly stealthy and can easily go unnoticed. Thanks to trail cams and adventure-ready cameras, though, sightings seem to be at an all-time high, even though none of them truly capture the creature without a doubt.

As for this instance, it doesn’t seem that everyone agreed with the hiker, though. Some viewers took to the comments of the TikTok clip and shared their doubts or support of the explorer’s findings. One even suggested that the person “knock on a tree” to see if Bigfoot responds to it. This is a common tactic that Sasquatch hunters use, as it’s a common belief that they communicate by knocking on trunks and rocks.

Bigfoot Sighting Sparks Formal Investigation in New Mexico

Another recent collection of Bigfoot sightings to make headlines appeared in the Navajo Nation of New Mexico. As many as 30 different parties reported sightings of Bigfoot along the San Juan River, and as a result, something even rarer has happened – authorities have actually launched a formal investigation to provide some answers to the spottings.

According to MSN, Navajo Nation residents have described the creature to be seven to eight feet in height with defined canine teeth, a muscular structure and, strangely enough, an odor that resembles a wet dog.

The investigation also appeared on the Netflix special, Unsolved Mysteries. In one of the interviews, a resident recalled her own run-in with the suspected Bigfoot.

“Coming down that highway there [near the San Juan River], I thought a person was hitchhiking. But as I got a little bit closer, it wasn’t a person,” the unnamed woman said. “It was a tall, tall body with…it seemed like, with hair all over, because I didn’t see, like, facial features or anything.”