WATCH: Hikers Rescue Disoriented Bighorn Sheep Stuck Head-First in Rock Field

by Lauren Boisvert

A bighorn sheep with its head stuck under a rock received help from some hikers who just happened to wander by. In a video from TikTok user grizzlyman2022, a bighorn sheep is seen on its side, head covered by a rock. It looks like the sheep went headfirst into the rock field, possibly knocked itself out, and couldn’t figure out how to get out.

The kind hiker first grabs the sheep’s legs, and the sheep kicks weakly. When the hiker gets it on its feet, it definitely seems disoriented, as it just kind of stands there, not knowing what to do. The hiker grabs the horns to lift the sheep’s head, which could have been a bad idea, as it’s unclear if the sheep had a neck injury. It doesn’t seem to be able to pick its head up very well or navigate the rock field.

The hiker keeps at it, though, and continues to grab the sheep’s horns to right it. Finally, he gets it in the grass, away from the rocks. The sheep rolls over, stands up, and trots away, looking a little worse for wear. It’s very possible that the sheep gave itself a nasty bump on the head. This made for a bit of a gruesome display when the hiker was dragging it across the rocks. But, all’s well that ends well, I suppose. At least that bighorn sheep isn’t in the rocks anymore, which is all we can ask for.

Hiker Rescues Bighorn Sheep From Rocks, While Boater Recently Rescued Bighorn Sheep From Mudflat

What’s with these bighorn sheep and getting themselves stuck in places they shouldn’t be? (Maybe Glacier National Park can figure it out with some visitor help.) In similar sheep news, a bighorn got itself stuck in a mudflat in Lake Mead. The severe drought in the Southwestern US has caused water levels to dip dangerously low. A boater spotted the sheep struggling to free itself from the mud and got out to help.

Todd and Kelly Goshorn pulled their boat over in order to get at the sheep. Todd tied a rope around the sheep’s horns and pulled. Eventually, he got it to a place where it could pull itself out of the mud and run off.

“Kelly Goshorn recorded her husband Todd as he helped pull him out with rope,” reported Lauren Martinez for FOX5 out of Las Vegas. “She said last week a man was stuck up to his waist in mud.” Martinez posted Kelly Goshorn’s video on Facebook. While a majority of commenters commended Todd Goshorn for his good deed, the rest of the comments were about the couple’s annoying Yorkie Terrier. Throughout the entire video, the little dog was on the edge of the boat, barking up a storm at the bighorn sheep. Terriers usually bark at anything, but this tiny dog was particularly offended by this sheep. All in all, another successful rescue for a bighorn sheep. Now, if only they looked before they leaped.