WATCH: Hikers Unknowingly Walk Within Feet of Wild Wolf Pack in Yellowstone National Park

by Megan Molseed

When one thinks of a pack of wild wolves the vision that often comes to mind is a pack of vicious predators. However, as one shocking video proves, these wild animals aren’t always out for a hunt. And, two oblivious hikers should be very thankful for this!

Shocking Video Shows Two Oblivious Hikers Continue On Their Path While Coming Within Feet Of A Pack Of Wild Wolves

A shocking video is going viral showing us how calm one of the wilderness’s most dangerous predators can be at times. Even when they are traveling with their pack. The viral footage was recorded by a photographer at Yellowstone National Park. It shows two hikers walking right past a pack of wild wolves startling the wild animals…but failing to notice the wolves themselves. Walking by as though nothing has happened.

As the video unfolds we see the two hikers as they walk along a path at the Yellowstone National Park. It’s a beautiful day and the area is clear and full of sunshine. However, the hikers are completely unaware that they have woken up a pack of napping wolves just a few yards away.

“They have no clue,” says the photographer,  Julie Argyle from behind the camera in the viral video. Argyle and her group were using a spotting scope to get the footage. So, they had plenty of distance between themselves and the wolves. Unlike the hikers, however.

“Isn’t that funny,” the photographer notes. “Those people have no clue.”

The Hikers Carry On Past A Well-Known Wolf Pack As The Animals Eye The Travelers Invading Their Space

As the video continues, the hikers continue on in the shocking wildlife video, oblivious to the potential danger. We see the wolves begin to stir as they move around, keeping a keen eye on the travelers. All of the rising wolves are part of the area’s Wapiti Lake wolf pack. Some are in plain view as the hikers walk by. Others can be seen stirring in the shadows, watching the visitors as they move past the napping spot.

“The wolf at the beginning of the video was actually laying down halfway down the hill when the hikers were walking up,” Susan Argyle says of the shocking footage per USA Today.

“I hadn’t started my video at that time,” the photographer explains of the heart-pounding near-encounter. However, this wolf wasn’t on the offense that day. Potentially saving the oblivious hikers from a tragic attack.

“It realized they were coming toward it,” Argyle says of the wolf. “And it jumped up and hid behind the tree.”