WATCH: Homeowner Tries Removing Ferocious Badger From House With a Snow Shovel

by Shelby Scott

A new viral video sees a distressed homeowner booting a squatting badger from his home with a snow shovel and, set to Bishop Bullwinkle’s “Hell to Da Naw Naw Naw,” it’s just the laugh you need this Wednesday.

As we can see in the clip, the large furry mammal fights valiantly to maintain his place in the homeowner’s dwelling, however, when it comes down to badger versus shovel, the shovel ultimately won out. The clip begins as the homeowner scoops the badger out the door, who then abruptly turns and comes face to face with the shovel. When the badger realizes his initial attempts are not working, he tries to use his bulk and scoot backwards into the house. Unfortunately for the little carnivore, that attempt also fails and the homeowner slides his shovel beneath the creature’s bulk and sends him flying a few feet from the door, long enough to slam it in its face.

Viewers, taking to the comments, had pretty pun-tastic responses to the encounter.

“Quit badgering him,” one viewer quipped, while another said, “There’s always that one guest that just doesn’t know when the party is over.”

One of the animal’s sympathizers further wound up other viewers writing, “Relax he payed his part of the rent.”

Others who viewed the video suggested the badger was actually potentially afraid of something else outside and that’s why it fought so hard to maintain its shelter in the man’s house. Additional viewers thought maybe the badger had babies inside.

Getting to Know the American Badger

The badger in the clip above is unique because these bulky animals are usually incredibly shy of humans. Most commonly populating regions across the Unites States’ Great Plains, ranging from Texas through Oklahoma, Missouri, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana, badgers tend to forage and hunt at night.

As mentioned, the badger typically feasts on smaller, less powerful rodents. That said, they’ve also been seen hunting small reptiles like frogs and lizards in addition to foraging for insects, bulbs, seeds, and berries.

If you’re planning a trip and you’re hoping to encounter one of these fascinating creatures, a visit to Big Bend National Park might be ideal. Aside from the badger, the national park, located in TX, is home to a multitude of exciting and attractive beasts. Other carnivores that call the park home are black bear, coyotes, cougars, and foxes among others.

The badger, however, is unique because, with their long, sharp claws, they’re adept at digging small prey out of their burrows rather than taking the smaller creatures in plain sight. This particular talent is also why many people believe badgers and coyotes hunt together. However, that’s hardly the case. Instead, the coyote, who acts as a scavenger as much as a hunter, will wait around for the badger to dig its prey from its burrow before the canine swoops in and steals it out from under the smaller hunter.