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WATCH: Huge 13-Foot Python Removed From the Hood of a Parked Car

by Brett Stayton
(Anup Shah/Getty Images)

Hollywood brought us “Snakes on Plane.” Now the internet has brought us snakes in a sedan. An Indonesian man got quite the surprise when he found a 13-foot python coiled inside the wheel of his ride. Video footage of the snake being removed from under the hood of the parked car is astonishing.

Nothing more frustrating than getting ready to fire up your car for the commute to work only to be set back by an automobile-related obstacle like a dead battery or broken window… or if you cheat on someone as delightfully crazy as Carrie Underwood, to discover that someone dug their key into the side of your pretty little souped-up four-wheel drive. Or carved their name into your leather seats. Maybe took a Louisville slugger to both headlights. Or slashed a hole in all four tires.

The video kicks off with some guy wearing work gloves and some lovely white go-go boots that Carrie Underwood would be proud of jabbing a grappling hook up into the undercarriage of the car. Luckily the stylish fella appears to have discovered the reptile before spinning his wheels and attempting to drive the vehicle, or else that could have destroyed both the snake and the axle.

As he starts to pull the snake out, it seemingly just keeps on going, and going, and going. Eventually, it takes an entire team of first responders to safely remove all 13 feet of the snake without any evident harm to the vehicle, the reptile, or the python wranglers.

Little additional context for the video is provided. But maybe just make sure you check your car tires for cold-blooded constrictors if you’re ever cruising around Indonesia.

Real-life snakes on a plane

Speaking of surprise pythons in strange places though, this story draws comparisons to the recent real-life escapades of a big snake being removed from the wing of a plane.

Earlier this month, Outsider shared footage of airport workers struggling to remove a python from the wing of an aircraft. The video has gone relatively viral online, racking up almost 30,000 views on Twitter.

The plane is on the tarmac and it’s unclear if the flight just landed or is preparing to take off. But regardless it’s not the first incidence of a snake slithering its way onto a flight.

Similar to the snake in the aforementioned snake in the car, it seems that everyone involved in the video and the snake were all unharmed during the incident.