WATCH: Huge Bear Climbs, Dangles From Wire To Get To Family’s Bird Feeder

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Raymond Gehman/Corbis via Getty Images)

In this hilarious video, a huge black bear climbs and dangles from a wire to get to a family’s bird feeder. In the clip, a woman and a man are both audible as they film the encounter from the safety of their own home.

The clip begins with the bear scaling up a tree as it brings one paw onto the wire. Then, the huge animal transfers its weight from the tree to the wire and dangles there.

“Oh my God, that’s awesome,” the man says as the bear starts to scale the wire, dangling with its feed wagging in the air.

Then, it scoots across the wire like monkey bars. Eventually, he gets right to the bird feeder, but he can’t quite reach it without losing his grip. He first bites at the feeder, then even tries to swing his feet upward to grab on.

You can watch the viral clip below.

Then, after missing with his feet, the beast scoots closer to the feeder. He paws at it, and then latches on with both paws. Miraculously, the wire doesn’t snap, nor does the bird feeder break. The bear dangles in the air with its paws locked onto the roof of the house-shaped bird feeder. The wire sags downward, and the animal drags close to the ground before losing its grip.

Then, it looks around as the clip ends, and the wire shoots up. It’ll take another attempt like this one to get the bird food inside.

Black Bear Cub Tranquilized by Oregon Authorities After Roaming Neighborhood

A black bear cub ran through the town of Bend, Oregon earlier last month. The bear was discovered at a city facility. Then, it was transported to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife who then tranquilized the bear. Eventually, after they perform checks on the bear cub, it will be released back into a suitable habitat in the Deschutes National Forest.

The male bear, which is approximately 7-8 months old, would have been born in late winter around January or February, ODFW said.

Most cubs still live with their mother at 7-8 months old. However, these cubs are capable of surviving independently in the wild, according to the department.

“It is unclear why the bear was separated from its mother prematurely,” ODFW’s statement said, adding that they haven’t received any reports of a dead mother.

“We have no reports of damage associated with this bear, so it’s likely the young bear just got confused and wandered into town,” said Andrew Walch, ODFW’s Deschutes district wildlife biologist.  

ODFW tranquilized the bear after being alerted by the Bend Police Department. The animal had wandered into the 62000 block of Boyd Acres Road. It was also seen Tuesday afternoon and evening around NE 18th Street and Cooley Road. 

“We are glad we were able to get this young bear back to the wild and thank the Bend Police Department for their assistance and the public for alerting us to the bear,” Walch stated. “The young bear is in good physical condition, which should increase its survival chances.”