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WATCH: Huge Black Bear Steals Fawn in Front of Its Mother

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Fawns are normally most vulnerable in their first few days of life, and this particular one was no exception. Unfortunately, its life ended shortly after it began at the hands of a black bear.

This doe found a spot for its fawn to rest in its first few days of life. Normally, the doe chooses somewhere safe and hidden. This time, she nestled the doe right to the side of a secluded road, nestled against the asphalt.

In this first week or so, the deer will spend most of its time sleeping and avoiding detection from predators. However, this particular deer seems to have some sort of physical defect, which makes it easy prey for a predator.

This trail camera footage, shot from a small road or driveway, shows the mother deer watching over her fawn. However, it seems apparent throughout the footage that she knows the fawn has a deformity or defect of some sort, since it can’t walk.

The first few minutes of the clip shows the mother watching the fawn as it lays in the same exposed spot for an entire day. The deer seems to be nudging her baby up, trying to get it to stand, but the fawn can’t get up.

Mother Doe Watches Helplessly as Black Bear Grabs Fawn

Eventually, as night falls, a black bear wanders into the area and quickly snatches up the fawn. We see the mother enter the frame of the trail cam as she helplessly observes her offspring taken away by the huge predator.

Then the mother wanders in and sniffs the place where her fawn had been. You can watch the clip below, but most of the action doesn’t take place until near the end of the two-minute clip.

The gruesome clip is hard to watch for multiple reasons. After the first minute or two, we start to feel sorry for the fawn since it can’t stand, and then we’re reminded of the callousness of nature when the black bear ruthlessly takes the baby deer away.

However, there was definitely something wrong with the fawn since it never moved from its location. Even after its mother tried to get it to move, it couldn’t. She knew it wasn’t a safe place for her baby to be, but she was helpless to do anything about it.

Fawns have an odor when they are young, despite some believing to the contrary. The black bear seems to have sniffed out the young fawn for a meal that required little energy on the bear’s part. The clip serves as a reminder of the cycles of nature. The fawn is sacrificed for the bear to live.

Black bears are one of only two bear species considered not threatened with global extinction. This is due to their high population numbers and widespread range.