WATCH: Huge Brown Bear Charges Unfazed Bird Hunter Who Holds His Fire

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you have not seen a brown bear charge a hunter lately, then we have a situation for you to check out right here. So, in this viral video, a hunter is out in the woods. As the camera looks straight ahead, we see a brown bear come out of nowhere. He takes some steps toward the hunter, who is breathing quite heavily.

Hey, if you saw a big brown bear come charging toward you, man, you probably would be way more nervous than this guy. While it would be nice if the encounter just was a small one, that’s not the case here. The bear looks like it starts heading for the hunter, then darts to his right. But he’s not done at all. The bear makes another pass toward the hunter, then darts again to his right.

Brown Bear Darts In, Out Of Trail In The Woods

Do you know what the most amazing thing about this encounter is? The hunter never fires his gun. He holds his fire while pointing his gun toward the animal. That’s a lot of patience and guts right there. We don’t know if we would be as heady with a gun. If a bear like that one was barreling down on us, then we might be tempted to just fire on sight. Still, the fact that the hunter held his fire is absolutely amazing. You can see the whole thing happen right here.

Apparently, when brown bears charge at people, it is sometimes a kind of bluff. Some people will get terrified of the bears and seeing them sends them into a panic. But this hunter was one cool customer. He was able to hold his fire and not let the brown bear get too close to him. For experienced hunters, you may know how to handle this situation really well. But those who are not as agile might get spooked.

This is where a hunter like this one can thank his lucky stars for not shooting his gun. We do wonder what someone who is not as experienced as this hunter might actually do. What if the hunter tried to shoot the bear? Maybe he would miss but we don’t know whether that would be the case. Seeing a brown bear lumber toward you at a fast pace would scare most people. It’s simply a normal and natural response. But kudos to this hunter, again, for not firing his weapon.