WATCH: Huge Buck Escapes Coyote Attack in Intense Showdown at Montana Lake

by Emily Morgan

All Kristin Kolski wanted to accomplish on August 28 was to reel in some walleye on Montana’s Holter Lake. Instead, she got a rare video of a nearby buck trying to avoid getting attacked by coyotes.

According to Kolski, she noticed something in the water about 20 yards ahead while fishing. To her, it appeared to be a fallen tree branch. However, she noticed it seemed to move quickly for how calm the water was.

“As our boat inched closer, we came to realize that this was a nice-sized buck,” she said. “We instantly set our eyes to the shore as it is very unusual to see a deer just going for a casual swim across a lake on any given day unless it was being chased!”

Moments after she pulled out her phone to begin recording, a lone coyote appeared in the frame. As she tells it, the coyote appeared to wait for his snack to return to the shoreline.

Woman captures rare moment buck tries to avoid coyotes

According to her video, when the buck approached the shore, he kept his distance from the shoreline. It seemed like it was attempting to find a steady foot as it was exhausted from his swim.

While they watched the events unfold, time seemed to stand still as the majestic animal tried to decide his next move. Then, his head turned quickly, just as another large coyote appeared off in the distance.

She said, “Cattle in the distance watched too, knowing they were safe but curious as to who or what was on the menu for these hungry carnivores. Just as both coyotes appeared, they realized they were being watched by us and began to make way back up the hillside. The buck then made his way up the shoreline, making sure not to touch dry land.

At this moment, she stopped filming the event but continued to watch the buck until he went around a bend and was out of her sight. She concluded: “We do not know what this fellas fate was but like to think he made it to see another day and that the coyotes found a much smaller but filling meal elsewhere!”

Coyote invades woman’s yard, she goes into full ‘mamma bear’ mode

Recently in Canada, people have reported an increase in aggressive coyote behavior in parts of Edmonton.

According to Edmonton native Crystal Benoit, she was recently in her backyard with her three young sons when a coyote came into her yard. “It was slowly creeping up on my son, who was playing with the Hot Wheels track,” she said.

In the blink of an eye, Benoit went into mama bear mode. She jumped up, raised her arms, and screamed at the coyote. Then, she chased it out of the yard.

After the incident, she explained what happened but said her kids were nervous for the rest of the evening.

“My first instinct was, of course, to protect him,” she said. “But the aftermath is, why are they so brave to walk up in someone’s yard at six o’clock in the evening? Music is on, fire going, kids laughing and playing, and just to prance right up like he was a piece of meat? You know, it’s not very safe.”