WATCH: Huge Pride of Lions Has Full-On Feeding Frenzy Over Unfortunate Warthog

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Andrew Coleman)

Nature certainly isn’t always pretty. But, if some wild animals want to eat, a life must be taken. It’s simply the circle of life. And, this brutal circle of life is exactly what we see in one recent Instagram clip as a pride of lions enjoys a warthog feast in the African bush.

The video is certainly not for the faint of heart. It shows us the brutality of nature close up as a pride of lions hunts the doomed warthog for their latest meal. There is nearly no sound to the clip save for the unfortunate warthog’s squeals and cries and the wind blowing into the camera’s mic.

As the video begins we see the pride as it chases down the doomed warthog. At first, the warthog is running away from the lion hoping to supply the kill shot. However, this pride of lions knows how to work together. The rest of the group works to push the warthog back toward the hunter, preventing its escape.

The Doomed Warthog Tries To Fight Off The Pride Of Lions In Brutal Video

The dust flies in the air as the male lion pounces onto the animal while the warthog squeals for mercy. However, the work is far from over. Some of the lions do begin to feast on the warthog. But this warthog isn’t done fighting, it seems.

We hear the warthog’s cries as the lion delivers what will ultimately be the kill shot. The other lions, big and small join in the circle, feasting on the animal as its cries get weaker and weaker.

“The thick neck of the warthog makes it hard for the only lion trying to deliver his kill shot,” notes the caption on the Instagram post.

“[But] for the rest of the pride, dinner has already begun!” the message continues. “It’s a tough way to go, but such is life in the African bush.”

The Warthog Tries One Last Time To Break Free From The Brutal Attack

The pride of lions has now surrounded the warthog. From cubs to adults, the entire group is feasting on the unlucky animal. However, at one point in the video, we see the ravaged warthog get one final burst of adrenaline, hoping to escape its brutal fate. However, with so many lions surrounding it, this warthog has no hope for survival. It struggles a bit as the male lion picks the warthog up, dragging the warthog over the dust, and eventually pinning it down. The warthog lets out a few more squeals as the lions again surround it, eager to continue their meal.