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WATCH: Huge Snake Found Hiding Underneath Christmas Tree Among Presents

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Vikas Khot/Hindustan Times via Getty Images)

Hervey Bay Snake Catchers (HBSC) from Australia posted a YouTube video showing a removal of a snake from underneath a Christmas tree.

Drew Godfrey of HBSC identified the snake as a checkered keelback, which they identified as “in the same family as tree snakes in the video.” He also said that the critter was relatively harmless since it is nonvenomous. Godfrey mentioned previously visiting the home, saying that he believes he had previously retrieved another checkered keelback from the same residence.

At the beginning of the video, Godfrey arrives and walks up to the Christmas tree. “You are same as last time,” he says. He lowers himself onto the ground and films himself moving presents out of the way, eventually retrieving the reptile.

After catching the snake, he takes some close-ups of the slithering animal as it tried to break free. He warned people not to bother them in the wild unless they’re absolutely sure they’ve found a keelback. This is because some venomous snakes closely resemble the nonvenomous keelback.

Godfrey calls the snake beautiful and comments on how its body’s texture is “a little rougher” considering its checkered patterns. He went on to talk about how they are harmless creatures, saying that they rarely bite. Godfrey comments that if he had been handling the snake less gently, perhaps it would’ve tried. However, he let us in on the worst trait of a keelback.

Snake Catcher Reveals Worst Trait of Keelback Snakes

“I’ve never been bitten by a keelback before,” he said in the clip. “Not to say they can’t…but the worst thing these guys do is let out a really foul smell out their cloaca.”

Godfrey goes on to talk about a recent endeavor he had with a keelback. He said the snake made Godfrey smell up his entire house even hours after releasing the snake into the wild.

“They smell so bad, I caught one the other day and went to let it go, and we’re sitting there at home a few hours later and my wife goes ‘why does it smell like a nappy in here,’ and I was like ‘oh, that’d be me.'”

He responded that these snakes release their pungent odor in defense of predators or perceived danger.

Hervey Bay Snake Catchers shared a Facebook post explaining the event, and in the caption, Godfrey writes that he hopes the presence of snakes under the Christmas tree doesn’t upset children, including his own.

“Pretty sure it’s going on channel 7 as we speak but until just now I actually forgot and the kids are watching something so I don’t wanna bug them,” Godfrey wrote, speaking about the video being shared on local news broadcasts. He adds that he “can watch it online later” so as to not disturb his kids.

“Here’s the present Santa left for someone!” the post concludes. Talk about an unwanted stocking stuffer.