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WATCH: Huge Snake Goes on Wild Ride After Slithering Out From the Hood of Moving Car

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: TIM ARO / Contributor

As the temperatures cool down, snakes will start to get creative when finding a new place to warm up. There’s no telling where you might find a snake— from an airplane wing to people’s garages. For instance, one Australian couple was quite scared when they saw a snake slithering out from the good of their car while driving.

In a TikTok clip posted by Kerry Jenkins, viewers can see the incident play out. At the time, Jenkins said she, her partner, and her son was traveling back home to Forster, New South Wales, from Darlington Beach, New South Wales.

@kerryjenkins32 Soooo this happened! 🤬 warning! #hitchhiker #snakesoftiktok #snakeinmycar #snake #ridealong #treesnake #stuckinmycar #burnthecar ♬ original sound – Kerry Jenkins

In the video, users can hear Jenkins yelling while her partner tries to calm her down by telling her that the hijacking snake is a non-venomous green tree snake.

Later, in a follow-up video, Jenkins said they pulled their car over as soon as it was safe. They later saw the snake slither from the front of the car’s grille to underneath the vehicle. She also said her partner located the reptile the next day under the hood.

Snake brutally attacks five-year-old, miraculously rescued by father and grandfather

For many Aussies, snakes are simply a part of their daily life. With 150 species of land snakes and an additional 30 sea snakes, you’re bound to come in contact with one if you reside there. Unfortunately, sometimes these encounters don’t end well for humans.

For example, recently, a python dragged a five-year-old Australian boy into a swimming pool.

Before the incident, Beau Blake was swimming at home. In the blink of an eye, the slithering reptile, three times bigger than the young boy, struck him. The python pulled him into the pool, bitting and constricting him along the way. Fortunately, the boy’s father and grandfather pulled the boy to safety.

“Once we cleaned up the blood and told him that he wasn’t going to die because it wasn’t a poisonous snake … he was pretty good actually,” his father said about the incident.

He added: “He’s an absolute trooper.” The family also monitored the boy’s wounds for any signs of infection. Although he escaped the snake’s deadly grip, the entire incident was quite “an ordeal.”

“[Beau] was just walking around the edge [of the pool]… and I believe the python was sort of sitting there waiting for a victim to come along… and Beau was it,” his father said.

He then held on to the snake for nearly 10 minutes before releasing the snake back into the wild. He later told reporters that pythons were a fact of life in the area, saying, “look…it is Australia”.