WATCH: Huge Whale Hits New Jersey Fishing Boat After Breaching Just Feet Away

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/HUM Images / Contributor

One recent video shared on the Outsider Twitter page takes the idea of whale-watching to an entirely different level! It is an amazing video to watch as a massive whale jumps out of the water shockingly close to a fishing boat…shocking everyone on board.

There Was Definitely Some Action On The Water That Day!

Outsider is showing us how exciting fishing can be in a wild clip posted to Twitter...even if nothing is biting. It’s an amazing moment, witnessing one of the most spectacular ocean animals out in the wild and living its best life. However, things could have gotten quite dangerous as well.

The wild and heart-pounding video is captioned with a hilarious note reading “Her: Any action out there today?” Well, usually when one is talking about action regarding a fishing expedition they are asking if anything was taking the bait. However, this video shows a very different chunk of the action. One that anyone on this fishing boat is unlikely to be forgetting anytime soon.

So, of course, there is a response to this question wondering about the on-the-water action. “Me: Yeah, you could say that,” the Outsider Twitter caption quips.

We see calm waters initially when watching the clip, but it only takes about a second for us to notice that something is fast approaching under there. The bait ball beside the boat shimmers until the shocking moment when the whale lunges out of the water just feet away from the unsuspecting fisherman.

“Oh s**t!” you can hear the person behind the wild Twitter video exclaiming over and over again. It happens in just a split second but it almost looks as if this large ocean animal is catching fish as it breaks through the surface of the water…we can see them flying about amid the water splashes surrounding the breaching whale. Perhaps these fishermen were using incredible bait to attract enough fish that would draw a massive whale to the area.

But Have You Ever Seen A Blue Whale Race A Boat?

Recently, boaters near the Dana Point area in California caught a once-in-a-lifetime moment when they spotted at least three blue whales in the water, racing each other past the boats. Capt. Dave of the Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching caught the fascinating moment on video as the playful whales moved in the water.

At one point, these racing whales were clocked going about 15 knots, equivalent to 17 mph. Another onlooker snapped pictures of the incredible moment. The onlooker notes they spotted four whales in this amazing moment. However, Captain Dave reports only three. However, three whales or four…it doesn’t matter. This was still a wildly impressive sight!