WATCH: Hundreds of Ducks Bring Traffic to a Halt When They Surround Vehicle

by Taylor Cunningham

A driver found themselves in quite a bind this summer when a relentless swarm of ducks trapped them on the street.

A video of the incident has been making its rounds on the internet since a Redditor captured it last month. In a 15-second clip, we can see a strange traffic jam backed up due to a giant flock of white ducks. The birds run continuous circles as people patiently wait for them to clear the road. And in the middle of the swarm is a lone white van.

While the situation probably wasn’t funny for the driver, the person recording found it quite amusing. And so did thousands of people on Reddit who offered their thoughts in the comments.

“Why were you late today?” iamhumanbeepboop mused. “It was the ducks, sir”

“They are celebrating the giant egg that will hatch their new [god] to finally take the world back and have us be bread slaves,” Yussuke added.

No One Can Explain Why The Swarm of Ducks Circled the White Van

Several people wanted to know why the ducks were doing such a thing. And one person asked if there were any “duck experts” on hand to give some insight. No one came to the call. But one commenter claimed that they studied animal behavior in school and had an idea.

“We learnt a little bit about the ‘rules’ different species follow for moving in groups. Sheep can get stuck going in circles like seen here because they have the simplest of rules, which is only 1: follow the sheep in front,” wrote ttnl35. “I’d guess something similar is happening to the ducks. Maybe the rules for them on the ground are simpler than in the air.

An internet search also comes up with no answers. Ducks are known to circle similarly in water, and some people guess that the practice is used on cold days to generate heat in a flock. But some experts think that’s untrue and guess that the animals circle in groups to stir up food. Obviously, the latter wouldn’t explain the event on land. So the animal behavior student has the most plausible answer of all.

However, one person did identify themselves as an expert on the matter. And they had another answer that may explain the odd situation.

“Duck expert here,” an unnamed user responded. “They’re trying to inform him that his car’s extended warranty is about to expire.”

But no matter what the answer is, TannedCroissant would like someone to “tell them to slow down before they create a quack in the space-time continuum.”