WATCH: Hungry Goats Overtake Alabama Deputy’s Patrol Car, Snack on His Paperwork

by Caitlin Berard

The smartest animals in the world include orangutans, dolphins, chimpanzees, elephants, and parrots. These are fairly obvious – though each has a unique set of characteristics for which they’re known, they’re all widely recognized for their incredible intelligence.

Then there are animals that we don’t necessarily think of as highly intelligent but possess impressive cognitive abilities. Chickens, for example, have 24 distinct calls used for sophisticated communication. Meanwhile, raccoons are capable of picking locks.

But surely goats, the animal whose primary reputation is for eating almost anything, wouldn’t qualify for the barnyard chapter of MENSA?

Think again. In actuality, goats are just as clever as dogs. They can recognize both faces and facial expressions, understand human gestures, such as pointing, and are adept problem solvers.

So while a dolphin or parrot will outsmart a goat every time, the bearded barn animals aren’t at all slouches in the brains department.

Goats Take Over an Alabama Police Cruiser

So, why are we talking about the brain power of the average goat? To prepare you for the truly ridiculous tale of two goats’ successful attempt at taking over a police cruiser.

On a bright Friday morning (August 26) in Alabama, Deputy Casey Thrower was serving civil papers at a nearby residence when he heard a strange noise coming from his patrol car. He turned to find two goats performing a coordinated paperwork heist.

While one goat stood on top of the vehicle serving as a lookout, the other climbed through the open driver’s side door to feast on his paperwork.

“Deputy Thrower explained that due to the number of homes he visits daily, on occasion, he leaves his vehicle door open,” the sheriff’s office said in response to the hilarious incident. “He’s had to retreat from being attacked by canines in the past.”

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office Shares the Incident

The Madison Country Sheriff’s Office then shared the videos taken by Deputy Thrower on their Facebook page, bringing the world along for the wild ride.

In the videos, you can hear the exasperated deputy sighing in frustration as he attempts to rid his cruiser of the lawless livestock. As you can see, the goat atop his vehicle is on the smaller side. The goat wreaking havoc inside the cruiser, however, takes up the entire front of the car.

Fully grown, goats can weigh up to 300 pounds, which, in itself, makes moving the goat a difficult enough task. Then, of course, there are the horns and hard skull plates that they can and will use in an attack if threatened.

Thankfully, the deputy was able to shoo the animals from his car unscathed. And though his fellow officers did get a kick out of the incident (who wouldn’t?), they were sure to praise him in the post as well.

“Deputy Thrower has been serving the citizens of Madison County for about 40 years,” they wrote. “And [he’s] considered one of our G.O.A.T deputies.”