WATCH: Hungry Otter Raids Garden Koi Pond

by Megan Molseed
(Photo via Getty Images / TANG CHHIN SOTHY / Contributor)

A hungry otter raided a koi pond recently making a very rare appearance in a UK home located in a town near Ashurst. The shocking event was filmed through a window by a neighbor in the New Forest area. The moment was especially impressive as it’s very rare to see an otter such as this one hunting during the light of day.

Wild Footage Shows A Hungry Otter Attacking Koi Carp In A Garden Pond

When New Forest resident Tony Stride was away from his home recently, he tasked some neighbors with taking care of feeding his cats. As well as making sure all is well on his home and property which includes Stride’s koi carp pond. However, few could have ever predicted the fate these unlucky koi carp would be facing while Stride was away. This wild event occurred when an unusual hunter – the otter – made its way into the pond.

Tony Stride recalls how while he was away his neighbors stepped into his home to feed the cat. However, while there, they noticed something unusual happening outside. According to Stride, the neighbors saw the fish in the outdoor koi pond were “moving erratically.” So, they did what many do nowadays, they began to record the events as they unfolded.

“They took the dramatic footage you see of our unwanted guest,” Stride says of the video.

Otters Are Known To Typically Hunt In The Cloak Of Darkness

Wildlife experts from the New Forest Area note that it is a good thing to see otters such as this one making a comeback into the area. But, residents of course hope these animals steer clear of their personal ponds.

According to the experts, the water quality in the New Forest area has gone down quite a bit, causing the otters to move elsewhere in recent years. However, even as the otters are returning to the area, it’s unusual for them to hunt in the residential areas, especially during the day.

“We are so lucky to have otters back in the New Forest now,” one local expert says of the footage.

“But we just don’t see them because they are nocturnal,” the expert explains. “So we’re really lucky to see that up close.

“It’s a shame,” Stride says of the loss of his koi carp.

“But we’ll start again and get more fish,” he adds. “And better protect them against otters this time.”

Of course, residents are happy to see the wildlife in the neighborhoods. They would just like it to be a little less dramatic on the hunting side of things.

“It’s nice to know the wildlife is there,” the homeowner says. “We live in the forest so we expected something but not quite as dramatic as that.”