WATCH: Hunters Capture Absolutely Massive Alligator Swallowing Sitting Duck Whole

by Amy Myers
Photo By Duane Howell/The Denver Post via Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for duck hunters to run into fellow camo-clad outdoorsmen hunkered down in a neighboring blind, but rarely do they have to deal with competition in the water. While staked out near Leesburg, Florida, a hunter captured an alligator lurking behind an unsuspecting duck.

Cass Couey and Kevin Stipe were the outdoor enthusiasts shooting video instead of birds. The pair own the navigation app named PRO HUNT and were in their element when they spotted the gruesome scene.

Gliding silently through the swamp, the giant reptile unhinged its jaws and chomped down on the waterfowl. With its long tail in the air, the gator clearly seemed to enjoy its meal, crunching the bird all the while. Following the sighting, Couey and Stipe shared the clip with FOX35 and revealed that they suspected the gator to stretch 13 feet long.

“What looks like something straight out of Jurassic Park is actually a 13-foot alligator stealing ducks from these hunters near Leesburg, Florida,” wrote meteorologist at WPLG on Twitter.

According to the video, this wasn’t the alligator’s first feathered victim of the day. One of the hunters explained that prior to their recording, the gator caught another bird in a similar fashion. What was strange, though, was the fact that the surrounding birds still didn’t seem to react much when the reptile took its next snack. Likely, at least a few of those creatures were decoys, but surely that doesn’t account for all of the bills on the water.

Viewers Commend Alligator For Working Smarter Not Harder

With this predator lurking in its native waters, it was clear the hunters didn’t have much of a shot (literally) of taking home any ducks. Even if they did nail a couple, there was no way they would wade in after their kills. At that point, the hunting trip becomes more of an alligator feeding.

Since originally posting the clip, the gator sighting has earned more than half a million views on Facebook alone. And while some folks watched the takedown in horror, others had a much more respectful perspective of the reptile. After all, this could be proof that the gator has adapted its own hunting style to seek out decoys and two-legged competitors.

Then there was the reptile’s incredible size.

“The dinosaurs are making a comeback,” wrote one viewer.

“And I thought we used to see some big ones in the Apopka Wildlife Drive!” said a local.

Surprised at the popularity of their video, Couey explained that this incident wasn’t all that out of the ordinary in their part of the country.

“It was just another day in the swamp for us,” Couey told FOX35. “But I’m glad people are loving it!”