WATCH: Hurricane Ian Brings Strange ‘Mystery’ Critter Into Florida Man’s Yard

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

It’s been several days since Hurricane Ian ravaged much of Florida. But even still, residents continue to find some unusual creatures lurking in their flooded lawns and homes. A new viral video sees the moment a Melbourne, FL man discovered a strange slithering “mystery” critter in his submerged yard.

Footage of the strange critter reveals it’s actually pretty large—about the size of a decent-sized fish—black, and speedy. The man’s child, following the black fish-like creature through the water, is heard screaming when it brushes against his foot.

According to Fox Weather, the man who shared the video, Chris White, is uncertain about what he found. Believing it to be some kind of salamander, White posted photos and the video on social media. He thought the effort would help in case the sleek, black creature happened to be someone’s pet.

Aside from dangerous predators, including alligators and snakes, FL residents have noted that Hurricane Ian washed tons of catfish into their yards and neighborhoods. So, while the large, black salamander-like critter has fascinated the internet as just a single part of the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, it’s hardly the only animal to find its way into people’s yards and homes.

Officials Issue Warning About Dangerous Reptiles in Hurricane Ian Floodwaters

Aside from catfish and the above mystery creature, much of the floodwater left behind by Hurricane Ian is actually filled with potentially dangerous occupants. Since Hurricane Ian made landfall in Cayo Costa, FL, officials have warned residents to stay away from floodwaters. More than anything, they’re concerned animals including snakes and alligators could be lurking nearby, displaced by the Category 4 storm.

DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office warned Floridians to avoid floodwaters on the same day Hurricane Ian made landfall. In a statement on Twitter, they said, “wildlife may become more visible during and after a storm. Please be aware of an extra gator in your pond, snake in your shed, or deer in your pasture.”

Aside from reptiles, many of which have already been spotted across FL, other sightings include bears, sea turtles, and birds.

Heavy flooding has sent alligators and snakes into FL neighborhoods, putting homeowners in potential danger. However, rising levels of water could also have a potentially detrimental effect on the state’s sea turtle population. This time of year marks the middle of sea turtle nesting season. For the most part, sea turtles tend to lay their eggs relatively high up on the beach. That said, storm surges could have sent nests even farther inland. As a result, officials have asked that if Floridians potentially discover displaced turtle nests to leave them alone. Relocating the eggs could very well have a negative impact on the hatchlings.