WATCH: Ibex Impossibly Stand Hundreds of Feet Up on Massive Sheer Dam Face

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images/Federica Grassi)

When National Geographic and Disney Plus team up for an incredible wildlife documentary adventure we can expect some wild excitement. And some daring maneuvers, apparently! A recent video from National Geographic TV shows the jaw-dropping wildlife moment when an ibex stands hundreds of feet up a wall. Expertly scaling a sheer dam face.

“Nothing says commitment to filming wildlife like dangling a $100,000 camera over the edge of a dam,” quips the National Geographic TV Twitter page in the post. “But it’s worth it to get a close-up of these beautiful ibex,” the post continues. The message adds that the new National Geographic docuseries, Super/Natural is now streaming on Disney Plus.

The video shows the dedicated film crew as they work diligently to get that “perfect” shot of the curious ibex. They dangle the camera as the ibex scales the dam wall. It’s a fascinating topic to explore. Getting up close as these fearless mountain goats are well known for their proclivity to scale surfaces. Areas that by most definitions seem impossible to scale. Then the unique point of view captured for the clip gives viewers a better sense of the daring climb the ibex has chosen. We actually begin to wonder what in the world this animal was thinking!

The New Docuseries Explores Some of the Most “Super/Natural” Animals On The Planet

There are millions of animal species on the planet. We are often blown away by the unique abilities many of these creatures have when adapting to their environment. This new Disney Plus series, Super/Natural explores some of these unusual creatures, ones such as the ibex which seemingly risks its life by making dangerous climbs for very curious reasons.

The Disney Plus series uses the latest scientific innovations and brand-new filming technology to capture some of the most extraordinary characteristics of the world’s wild animals. The documentary depicts a variety of unique moments. Moments such as flowers implementing what is known as “bee vision,” or conversations between elephant seals.

The unique docuseries also highlights trees that have found a way to communicate with one another to help fight off potential invasions, towels that use snake-like hisses to ward off predators … and even glow-in-the-dark squirrels! The series is currently available on Disney Plus.