WATCH: Illinois Resident Captures Video of Emu Wandering Through Backyard

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images)

This resident in Illinois caught a photo of an interesting visitor to their backyard. A loose emu had found its way into the backyard of a Vermilion County home.

The emu was caught on camera over the weekend. However, the animal had fled by the time Vermilion County Animal Control could respond.

The photo shows the emu and the homeowner’s dog eyeing one another through a chain-link fence.

You can see the viral photo in this short video below.

The flightless bird is believed to be one of several emus that escaped from their Danville pen in late July. Multiple emus were later recaptured. However, at least three of the Australian birds’s whereabouts remain unknown to this day.

The owner of the emus said he believes his fence at 4D Farms in Danville was damaged by some kids. He thinks that allowed the emus and even few cows to make an escape.

Emus are the second-tallest living bird after its relative the ostrich.

Emus are soft-feathered and flightless birds with long necks and legs. They are almost always brown in color. These animals can reach up to 6.2 ft in height. Emus can travel vast distances. They also possess tremendous top speeds. When they need to, they can sprint at 30 mph. They also forage for a variety of plants and insects.

They’ve been known to go for weeks without eating. They also drink infrequently. However, when available, they drink copious amounts of water.

Emmanuel the Viral Emu Still ‘Fighting for His Life’ After Bird Flu Hits Farm

Emmanuel is a viral TikTok emu famous for knocking over farmer and owner Taylor Blake’s cameras during videos. The emu has come down with the avian flu.

Blake took to Twitter on October 15th to give fans the news. “I will do anything and go into any amount of debt to save his life,” Blake wrote. “He is a fighter and I wholeheartedly believe he is going to make a full recovery.” Blake believes that the birds at Knuckle Bump Farms, a South Florida hobby farm, caught the infection from flocks of hibernating geese in the area.

The virus ravaged the farm. “We lost every single chicken and duck on our farm. We lost all of our geese,” she tweeted. Blake says the farm lost over 50 birds in 3 days.“I am still trying to wrap my head around it.”

Sometime overnight Wednesday, Oct. 12, Emmanuel went down, as Blake says. After medical treatment since then, he has slightly recovered. He has sustained some nerve damage. Blake and her girlfriend built an impromptu sling to help give Emmanuel much-needed physical therapy. However, she mentioned Saturday that he still isn’t eating or drinking on his own.

“I know that Emmanuel Todd Lopez will make a full recovery and will continue to spread love, light and joy,” Blake wrote. Emmanuel went viral this past summer with posts on social media like the one below.

@knucklebumpfarms He knew I meant business when I whipped out his government name 😩🤣 #emmanueltheemu #emmanueldontdoit #emmanuel #emu #animalsagainsteducation ♬ original sound – Knuckle Bump Farms