WATCH: Incredible Moment Behemoth Loggerhead Turtle Gets Released Into the Ocean

by Megan Molseed

One Instagram video highlights an epic moment as a behemoth Loggerhead sea turtle is released into the wild. And the large ocean creature is clearly right at home, ready to dive in at first. Before swimming away into the deep blue sea.

“The release of a magnificent male Loggerhead turtle into the ocean,” notes the recent Insta post.

In the video, we see a group of people in a small boat lifting up a massive loggerhead turtle. Moving the fantastic ocean animal to the side. In an adorable moment, it almost seems as if the turtle knows exactly what’s happening. And, that he has practiced diving out of the boat and into the ocean before!

As the group lifts the Loggerhead turtle to the edge of the vessel, the turtle holds onto the edge with its flippers. The turtle even splashes in the water a bit as it looks into the deep blue sea. It’s an incredible moment…almost as if the spectacular animal is saying “let’s dive in!”

The Loggerhead Turtle Dives Right In, Ready To Swim Out Into The Sea

As the video continues, the group of people helping the loggerhead turtle into the water from the boat lift the massive animal higher onto the boat’s edge. As the Loggerhead leans into the ocean below the boat still mostly on the edge, he moves his flippers. Ready to swim off towards a new oceanic life. Then, the Instagram clip moves to an almost majestic point of view, just below the surface as the loggerhead finally enters the water.

First, we see the Loggerhead’s face peek down into the ocean. Soon, the turtle is fully submerged, setting out into vast ocean waters.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Performs A Similar Rescue With A Female Loggerhead

A recent social media post from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Twitter page shares that the female Loggerhead turtle was rescued at the Oregan Coast Aquarium. The Loggerhead wasn’t in good health when she was rescued and the staff at the west-coast-based aquarium worked tirelessly to help the wild animal.

Once the sea turtle was ready to return to the ocean, officials helped her back into the sea. They placed a satellite tracker on the turtle as well, hoping to follow her journeys in the deep blue sea.

“Now healthy and ready to go back to the wild,” the tweet shares.