WATCH: Incredibly Agile Bear Scales Tree, Snatches Bald Eagle Eaglet Right Out of Nest

by Jonathan Howard

Things in the great outdoors can get scary. When you’ve got a hungry and athletic bear lurking around, nothing is safe. The Canadian wilderness is full of wonderful and beautiful things. A new video shows what a bear is able to do with enough motivation. And, it also shows how hard it can be to raise a family of bald eagles.

You win some you lose some. This video captures both sides of that coin all in one. This black bear must have gone a while without a meal. Watch as it scales this tree, fights off the eagle, and claims its delicious prize. You have to see the small bird taken from the nest, but that’s the circle of life.

This fisherman caught this wild video and thankfully posted it to TikTok. Check it out below.


The full real video of this bear taking on an eagles nest!! Cant believe I got to see this in person while fishing in northern Saskatchewan!

♬ original sound – Adam J Hudec

When you get the chance to experience real nature like this, it can be awe-inspiring. A bear doing what it can to survive, and two eagles trying their hardest to do the same and raise a young one. If you’re feeling a bit down about this story, don’t worry. Where one eagle loses and a bear wins, the opposite is likely happening somewhere else.

Canada has some harsh wilderness and that goes for the wildlife as well. Nothing comes easy when you’re roughing it. This bear got a good meal and those eagles will try again in the next season. That’s the way things go.

Oh, and those eagles are snatching their fair share of babies from other creatures and animals. What comes around goes around.

That black bear had a taste of something that not many animals get access to. Good for it.

Black Bear Goes After Elk, Runs Close to Tourists

One of the best places to get a look at some wildlife is Yellowstone National Park. There is so much to see and so much to do. However, there are many things that you should watch from a distance, bears and elk, being two of those beasts you should avoid. However, even when you’re where you are supposed to be – nature will find you.

A while ago, a black bear ran a small elk herd straight in front of a group of tourists. It was a fun and exciting time it seems, but it could go south so fast. When wild animals are involved, you have to stay back and stay vigilant. The bear eventually ran away as the elk were able to dodge and sprint away.

Black bears are really clever, but they’re also full of strength and speed. When they have their eyes set on something, there isn’t much that can stop them. Keep your eyes out the next time you’re outside, you just might see something amazing.