WATCH: Indianapolis Zoo Dolphin Copycats Woman Doing Cartwheels

by Tia Bailey
Photo by RAYMOND ROIG/AFP via Getty Images

An adorable video of a dolphin has gone viral. The dolphin in the clip mimics a woman who is doing cartwheels in front of it.

Alysa Bradshaw was at the Indianapolis Zoo at her favorite exhibit — the dolphins.

“I’ve been obsessed with dolphins ever since I was a little girl. I just always felt that with them,” Bradshaw said to MSN.

She then decided to do a cartwheel, which caught a dolphin’s attention. She did a few more, and noticed that the dolphin was flipping in the water alongside her. It was an adorable moment.

“One of the best experiences of my life — to have that connection with my favorite animal,” Bradshaw said. 

YouTube account WTHR shared the video. They titled it: “Dolphin Flips With Cartwheeling Woman At Indianapolis Zoo.”

“Just saw this on NBC & found it here!! That was sooo AWESOME!!” one person wrote in the comments of the video.

The creatures are often communicators with people. Just a few days ago, a dolphin even helped a surfer to shore after being stalked by a shark.

An Australian surfer was in the water when he noticed a 20-foot shark near him. What made the man, Bill Ballard, notice this was the strange behaviors of dolphins in the area around him.

“It’s hard to describe, but [the dolphins] kept coming up to the surface to look at me and also began swimming back and forward, coming closer and trying to push me towards the shore,” Ballard said to Australian newspaper the Courier-Mail.

An aircraft noticed the shark and came down towards Ballard to tell him to get to shore.

Dolphins Communicate with Humans to Help

“She kept saying, ‘That shark was so close to you, so close, and it was the biggest one I’ve ever seen. It must have been around 20 feet long,’” Ballard said. “I am so thankful. They were like guardian angels coming to save me. At first, I thought they must have mistaken it for a dolphin, and I kept asking if they were sure it wasn’t, but the pilot said, ‘No, I’ve been flying for years and I know exactly what a shark looks like.’”

Sometimes, dolphins also communicate with people to get help for themselves. This happened back in September when a dolphin was trapped in shallow water.

In the video, shared by The Dodo, the dolphin is trapped in shallow water in England. A man goes to help him, but he notes that the creature was still stuck pretty bad in the mud. Thankfully, more people came by and were able to get him out of the mud. They then brought the dolphin onto their boat and drove him out to deeper water, which was miles away from where he was found.