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WATCH: Insane California Landslide Completely Covers Truck

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by atlantic-kid via Getty Images)

On Friday morning, a group of California residents was relaxing on a Palos Verdes beach when they heard a deafening rumbling. As the ground began to shake, the thunderous sound grew louder until it was as if the entire Earth was coming apart at the seams. Looking up, they saw the source of the noise: a massive portion of the cliff above had erupted, causing a landslide to cascade down the rock face toward the parking lot.

Rock, dust, and debris showered the sand below, the force of the falling earth enough to push a full-size truck nearly thirty feet before burying it beneath the avalanche of dirt. Thankfully, the truck was empty at the time and the devastating landslide caused no deaths or injuries.

“We were sitting there calmly,” Tim French, who was at the scene at the time of the event, told CBS. “And the next thing you know, there’s just dirt on the hillside and lots of smoke and dust flying through the air.”

California Landslide Could Worsen With Heavy Rains

According to the City of Palos Verdes Estates, engineering geologists and city staff set to work in the aftermath of the incident. They’re evaluating rock, soil, and groundwater conditions near the cliff to determine the safety of the remaining area and the structures within it.

“When the rock pulls away, the cliff behind is going to expand some,” said Dr. Pat Abbot, a geologist. “It’s going to fracture more, it weakens, and it’s very typical after a big landslide, to have a lot more landslides follow it. Once one occurs in an area, back off.”

Those in the area aren’t out of the woods quite yet. A storm front is currently blowing in toward the beach, which could cause even more danger and damage to Palos Verdes. “Sea levels are rising, gravity is pulling, and now when you talk about heavy rains coming in this week, might that be a danger? Oh definitely. That’s going to add to the problem,” Abbott said.

Thus far, only one homeowner has been evacuated, as they live in the home at the top of the cliff, right where the earth gave way. Should the cliff continue to disintegrate, it could carry the home down with it.

The beach remains closed as officials attempt to clear the sea of debris covering the shore and surrounding area. Officials warned nearby residents to avoid the area until officials determine the danger has passed.