WATCH: Insane Man Dives Into Pond and Catches Gator With His Bare Hands

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

This crazy man decided to dive into a pond in Florida and catch a gator with his bare hands. Somehow, the young man succeeded, bringing the baby gator up from the water. It wriggled like crazy in the man’s grip.

The clip begins as the man slowly sneaks into the water, fully clothed and wearing boots. He then leaps toward the gator, spreading out in a full-on dive to the water. After struggling with the critter for a few moments, he then brings up an alligator, squirming around as it tries to free itself from the man’s hands.

“Crickey! Look at the teeth on that one!” the caption read, paying tribute to the late outdoorsman Steve Irwin, famous for his love of crocodiles.

The video, originally posted to Instagram, can be viewed below.

“If u step foot in a pond in Florida u got a death wish,” one person commented, remarking on how there may always be an alligator in any Sunshine State waters.

“I’s florida right?” another remarked, saying they weren’t that surprised a Florida man went after the reptile.

“Bro what,” one person simply asked.

“That’s one way to do it,” another said.

One person joked that he wouldn’t have been as lucky if he had tried that with a larger alligator. “Now try that with Papa,” they wrote.

A final user said: “I hope that y’all got a permit for that.”

Gator Swam Near South Padre Island Beach in Texas

A huge alligator found itself in salty waters and surprised plenty of beachgoers on a popular stretch at South Padre Island, Texas.

A 7.5 foot alligator worked its way into the salty waters and was eventually rescued by wildlife officials.

Beachgoers started posting photos and videos of the alligator to social media. They altered Texas Parks and Wildlife Department officials to the potential threat. The alligator was struggling in the repetitive waves. Rescuers needed to relocate the alligator to safety.

“[Because] there were a lot of Facebook videos surfacing, we were anticipating getting a call,” said Jacob Reinbolt, a herpetologist at the alligator sanctuary the SPI Birding and Nature Center. “Once we saw the video surfacing of this gator on the beach, we know they don’t belong there. When they have to fight the surf like that, that’s exhausting for them.”

However, the alligator was eventually captured last Thursday. It was brought to a wildlife refuge last Thursday under the care of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Alligator handlers from the sanctuary also assisted with the gator.

Now, there are wild alligators around South Padre Island. However, they rarely wade into the surf-side areas. Gators prefer freshwater or brackish water, Reinbolt said. They typically venture into saltwater only for short periods of time to find food.

“So if you asked me, the most likely scenario here is he went out looking for food and kind of got swept into the surf,” Reinbolt said, explaining the gator was in need of rescue by the time they caught and relocated it to safety.