WATCH: Intense Video Shows Downed Elk Tumble Down Hill Right at Bowhunter

by Samantha Whidden

Things got a little intense for a bowhunter in New Mexico last week when a downed elk came tumbled down a hill right at them. 

A video, which was posted on Outdoor Life’s Instagram page, showed the bowhunter, who was identified as Heartland Bowhunter host Shawn Luchtel, striking the elf. However, within a few seconds, the animal was seen sliding down the hill right towards Luchtel and his cameraman. The duo managed to get out of the way as the animal landed eight steps away from them. “Look out below!” The caption reads. “Heartland Bowhunter host Shawn Luchtel and his cameraman had this crazy encounter last week in New Mexico.” 

Shawn Luchtel also posted the video of the elk hunting incident on his Instagram. “I never would’ve imagined a hunt playing out this way,” he captioned the post. “13 yard shot with the bull expiring at 8 steps!” He also used the hashtag #accuarcyiseverything. 

Luchtel also revealed that this was the second time he had drawn a bull tag in that unit. The last time occurred a few years ago. However, after hunting with the same outfitter for nearly a week, the bowhunter never got a shot opportunity. He decided to head back to northern New Mexico with the goal to tag a big bull and filming a full episode for his show. 

“That morning was the very first day of the hunt,” Luchtel explained. “And it was action-packed. We called in a couple smaller bulls and passed on them, and our plan was to hunt a waterhole nearby.” 

Bowhunter Recalls Coming in Contact With the Big Elk That Nearly Hit Him Downhill 

Meanwhile, Luchtel reflected on the hunting trip and how he began to notice a bigger elk showing up. As he and his crew neared the waterhole, Luchtel said he also noticed that two elks sprinted downhill on a trail that led to the hunters. He revealed that he knew right away that whatever was going to happen on the trip was going to happen fast. 

Explaining his thoughts as the elks ran right at him, Luchtel said, “This bull comes flying out of the brush, cuts off the small bull, and that’s when I was at full draw. I was trying to stop him, but he had no idea we were there. He just happened to stop right in my window and bugle from 13 yards. I ended up making a great shot. He trotted 10 about yards, stopped, looked around, fell over, and rolled right down to us basically.” 

Luchtel then added that while he has been on a few incredible elk hunts in his life. But nothing compared to the recent hunt. He also shared a snapshot of one of the elks that he tagged.