WATCH: Intense Video Shows Driver Caught in Thick Dust Storm in Southern California

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

Recently, a massive dust storm swept across the Calexico California area creating havoc for residents. Particularly for drivers moving along the busy highways in the region. And some footage recently released of these terrifying moments is being shared, depicting how dicey things got along these roadways as the dust takes over the California-Mexico border. Ultimately leading to zero visibility conditions.

This jaw-dropping footage features vehicles that had pulled off the road. Parking along the side as the dust flies around in the air – making it impossible for the drivers to see even just feet in front of their vehicles.

This Instance Ended With No injuries, But Similar Circumstances Have The Potential To Cause Major Crashes

This shocking footage is certainly intense. Especially when one considers how busy areas along the southern California roadways can get. Dust storms are particularly deadly because of how fast and unexpectedly they can blow into the area. Causing sudden loss of visibility as vehicles are driving at highway speeds. In fact, a sudden dust storm such as this one caused a major tragedy in Montana as it unexpectedly hit earlier this year, crossing Interstate 90 near Hardin. Six people were killed in the resulting accidents.

Looking At The Intense Dust Storm From A Birds-Eye View

Thankfully, these storms can sometimes be predicted – at least a little bit. And the National Weather Service was able to warn commuters that there was a “blowing dust advisory” around the time that this storm hit. Later, the National Weather Service of San Diego shared another shocking perspective of this major storm. Giving us a glimpse of what the potentially deadly dust storm looks like from above the clouds.

“And if you’re wondering what it looked like from the air…” notes the National Weather Service Sand Diego Twitter page.

It’s a shocking 32 seconds of video as the entire region seems to be completely engulfed by the dust…which almost looks like smoke from this perspective.

The National Weather Service Issues Warnings For People Should They Find Themselves In An Approaching Dust Storm

Of course, the best tip any experts are giving people to avoid the dangerous conditions of a dust storm is to avoid the storms altogether. Experts warn that if a driver spots a wall of dust ahead, it’s important to find an alternate course. However, this level of hindsight isn’t always realistic.

The experts recommend that drivers who find themselves amid a dust storm find a safe place to pull over. This is key, the experts note, because it isn’t always easy to pinpoint these areas in the low visibility conditions that come along with a typical storm of this nature.

The National Weather Service also advises that drivers turn off all lights and set their emergency brakes when able to pull completely off the roadways. All brake and tail lights should remain off.

However, if a driver is unable to pull completely off of a roadway that is being hit by a dust storm, experts recommend that drivers turn on lights for other vehicles to see them while keeping up a safe speed compatible with the visibility. The experts also recommend that drivers create sound by honking their horns occasionally. The worst option they say is to stop in the middle of the road. This can cause a chain reaction crash.

“Never stop on the traveled portion of the roadway,” the National Weather Service warns.