WATCH: Jaguar Drags Away Massive Crocodile on River Bank

by Megan Molseed
(Getty Images)

The wildlife we see in nature can be brutal…after all, it’s all about survival of the fittest. This is exactly what we see in one intense video clip shared on Instagram recently. It’s a moment of savage no-holds-barred hunting by a fierce jaguar as the feline pulls a massive crocodile from the water. Dragging it away along the riverbank to certain doom.

A Fierce Jaguar Takes Down A Massive Crocodile, Dragging It Away

The video shows the relentless jaguar as it holds a huge crocodile in its mouth. Dragging the croc away on the sand across the riverbank…determined to pull it into the shadows.

It’s an unbelievable video, really. This croc…while it doesn’t appear to be struggling at this point…easily has a few extra pounds on the jaguar. However, the animal’s lack of movement tells us that the doomed crock is either already dead…or it’s in shock as the bloodthirsty cat drags it away.

Of course, the Instagram users taking a peak at this jaw-dropping footage have quite a bit to say about this astonishing wildlife moment. Many of the responses are commenting on the ferociousness the cutthroat predator shows in this hunt. A predator taking down a predator.

“That’s some show of power and fearlessness,” one Instagram user notes in response to the jaw-dropping video clip.

“[H]unger too,” this commenter adds.

Another Instagram fan notes how big this kill is…even for an apex predator as this hungry jaguar. This means, of course, the big cat will be eating well for a while…once it pulls it away from the shoreline, of course!

“That [is] a meal for a month,” the Instagram user says in response to the shocking clip. And, like many of the comments added to the Insta video, the emotions are portrayed perfectly with some well-chosen emojis. This comment adds three shocked-face emojis as if they are all in awe of the meal.

This Big Cat Isn’t Playing Around As It Bags The Massive Croc

Another Instagram user comments on the clip noting the jaguar’s behavior as it pulls the crocodile away from the water’s edge. This big cat seems to have zero fear that other crocs may be lurking beneath the surface. In fact, this commenter says, it seems to challenge any crocs who may try their own attack.

“He looked back at the water,” the commenter says of the killer jaguar. “like.. ANYBODY ELSE WANT SOME,” the Insta user jokes.