WATCH: Kansas Woman Cruises Highway With Snake on Her Windshield

by Amy Myers

You expect to see bugs on your windshield while driving, but a full-sized snake is a different story. That’s what one Kansas woman found on the other side of her driver-side window while on the road.

The unnamed driver recorded the incident with one hand on the wheel and the other on her phone. While navigating both her vehicle and device, she managed to catch the desperate efforts of the poor reptile as it tried desperately to hang on to the front end of the high-speed car.

During the snake’s hitchhike, it wandered from the windshield to the side mirror and even tested the balance on the driver’s windowsill.

Take a look.

Of course, ophidiophobics quickly gathered to share their reactions to the clip. Despite the reptile’s small stature and calm demeanor, they didn’t want any part of the interaction.

“Instant wreck for me. No way I would’ve been able to keep composure to film this,” one Twitter user responded.

“I’d have to stop and get rid of it!” another agreed.

Meanwhile, others were more sympathetic to the unsuspecting creature.

“Poor snake. It’s obviously non venomous. Just pull off and let him go,” a third said.

Highway Snake is Likely a Nonvenomous Kansas-Native Species

That “unwelcome hitchhiker” happens to be a Kansas glossy snake, a fairly docile, nonvenomous reptile that tends to keep its distance from two-legged travelers. In fact, they tend to be pretty nervous when handled and will try their best to squirm their way out of your grip. As nocturnal creatures, the Kansas glossy snakes are a rare spotting during the daytime which is likely why bystanders didn’t recognize the brown, splotched snake. Unlike rattlesnakes, which tend to bask in the sun on a scalding roadway, these much-less deadly serpents only venture near asphalt in order to cross to another grassy region.

The one in the video likely found its way onto the vehicle late at night and figured it was safe to hunker down there until the next evening. Unfortunately, it got the surprise of a lifetime when its temporary shelter roared to life and started speeding down the highway. Luckily for the driver, the snake had no interest in taking any defensive measures, rather, it was just looking for a sturdy place to coil its limbless body until the car stopped moving.

After a few moments, (which for the snake probably felt like an eternity), the driver finally pulled into a residential parking lot where the snake slithered off the hood and into the grass. As it did so, others gathered to watch the reptile make its way back onto familiar ground, noting that it didn’t have a rattle or other telltale signs of a venomous reptile.