WATCH: Kayaker Dragging GoPro Discovers Huge Great White Shark Lurking Behind Him

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

Australian kayaker Andy Burnell got the shock of a lifetime when, while filming for his YouTube channel, he discovered that a large Great White shark had been lurking behind him during his entire excursion. Check out the hair-raising footage below.

The footage gets off to a slow start. The GoPro takes in the sea floor and blue waters off the coast of Australia in the first few moments—which makes sense as Burnell’s YouTube channel provides “Little glimpses into South Australian marine life and their sometimes chill, sometimes hectic activities.”

Fortunately, the kayaker’s encounter with the Great White shark truly wasn’t all that hectic. However, it must have thrown Burnell for a loop when he went back to review the footage. After all, the apex predator comes uncomfortably close to the camera, the shark swimming back in forth, in and out of the frame. Finally, it comes close enough to the GoPro to show off its razor-sharp teeth. Although, again, per his “About” page on YouTube, that’s part of the charm of Burnell’s channel—”the surprise of a baited remote camera.”

BroBible reports this particular footage was captured 1.5 kilometers off the end of Grange Jetty in Adelaide. Further, the kayaker never really appeared to be in any danger from the Great White shark. After all, despite its monstrously sharp teeth, it only seemed curious when approaching the camera. The shark never actually made a grab for it as it streamed through the water.

Surfer Braves ‘Sharktober’ Warnings, Gets Attacked by Great White Shark

While Andy Burnell’s Great White shark confrontation ended rather peacefully, not even noticing the beast’s presence until he reviewed the footage later, a California surfer had a much scarier encounter, coming face to face with one of the ocean’s apex predators.

Locals in Ferndale, CA refer to October each year as “Sharktober,” as the waters off the coastal town see increased numbers of shark attacks. To avoid any potentially deadly confrontations with the wild animals, most Ferndale residents spend the fall month staying clear of the water. However, 31-year-old Jared Trainor had other ideas when he took his board out last weekend to try and take on some of the waves.

“I must’ve been in the water for 10, not even 15, minutes,” the CA surfer recalled. “The first set of waves came through. I paddled past them and sat on my board. And then I was kind of having that ominous feeling anyway, and, next thing I knew, I was underwater.”

Unsurprisingly, Trainor had been attacked by a shark, the animal latching onto his right leg. Avoiding further injury, the surfer kicked out at the animal with his left leg, cracking it in the face and forcing it to let go. Another surfer helped Trainor get to land, bystanders calling 911.

In shock, Trainor said that immediately after the attack he didn’t realize how bad things were, that was until EMTs began to cut away his suit.

“[T]hat’s when I saw the…bite marks in the board,” he said, “And I started to realize that it was, in fact, a shark.”