WATCH: Kayaker Rockets Down Flight of 53 Stairs To Launch Into River

by Samantha Whidden

Heading to the water in an unusual way, a kayaker was recorded going down 53 stairs in his kayak and into a river. 

With the AC/DC hit Back in Black playing as background music, the YouTube features a kayaker as he is going down the stairs in a Jackson Kayak Gnarvana. As he hits the water, the kayaker managed to save himself from tipping the kayak. 

Viewers of the YouTube video cheered on the kayaker’s graceful leap into the water. “Hell ya, best way to break in a new boat,” one YouTuber declared. Another stated, “SWEEEEEEET!”

The latest kayaker adventure is recorded one day after Cyril Derreumaux ended his more than 90-day kayaking adventure. According to Khon 2, Derreumaux left Monterey California on June 21st to travel 2,400 nautical miles of the Pacific Ocean. On Tuesday (September 20th), he made it to Hilo Bay in Hawaii. He was welcomed by a crowd and an escort from the local paddling community. 

Speaking about the adventure, Derreumaux shared, “Yesterday, the weather was just amazing, Like two, three days before on the water, the weather was 15 to 20 knots of wind. The day before was 10 to 15 knots. And the day of was four to 10, like glass water, beautiful pristine waters. It was like God send.” 

Meanwhile, the kayaker definitely looked a bit different since he left the California coast in June. He said he was around 20 pounds lighter and his beard was a bit longer. He stated that he named his ocean boat “Valentine” after his sister. Although he originally planned this trip for 2020, he had to hold off due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kayaker Reflects On Pushing Back His Ocean Adventure For Two Years Due to the Pandemic 

Also speaking about moving his kayaking trip due to the pandemic, kayaker Derreumaux shared, “I always think there’s a reason for everything, and maybe, you know, I wasn’t ready and it was not meant to be.” 

The kayaker further explained that he’s had experiences like his recent trip. “I just have to trust the universe and that it’s for the best. And the ocean will always be there for me to have an adventure on it. So it didn’t happen for a reason. And it did happen this year because actually everything was in line.” 

Derreumaux then shared that during his kayaking trip, he battled great fatigue and had to deal with several damages to his kayak. This inlaced a leak at the back of the boat. “So each day was different. Like there was no continuity in the fact that I just had to deal with the day that day – the future is tomorrow. The past is done, and each day was different. It depended on the weather.”