WATCH: Kentucky Family Finds Extremely Rare Blue Crawfish Inside Garage

by Emily Morgan
Photo by: Irina Kulikova

A Kentucky family had one unforgettable morning when they found an extremely rare blue crawfish in their garage. “About 7:00 in the morning, my husband come rushing in the bedroom,” Kentucky resident Crystal Hash told news outlets on Friday.

“I thought I was hallucinating,” she later admitted. According to her recollection, her husband, Allen Hash, went out to the garage on Sept. 19 — which is also the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary — to work on a project.

However, he quickly became distracted when he heard something. “I just kept hearing something crawl around. I looked down and there it was,” Allen said.

After making the discovery, the family realized they had come across a rare blue crawfish, also called a “crawdad.”

According to the couple, the crawfish appeared to be about five inches long with a magnificent royal blue color, which photos depict. “He was like a lobster size. He was a pretty big one,” Crystal added.

“It pinched me when I tried to pick it up,” Allen admitted. Allen later put it into an old coffee container and took it to show his wife. “I woke up to that in my bed,” Crystal added.

According to Allen and Crystal, neither one of them had seen a blue crawfish before. They theorized it came from the field beside their house that occasionally floods.

When their children, Gunner and Zoey, got home from school, “they were super excited to see it,” their mom said. According to the couple, the kids wanted to keep it as a pet. Instead, the family decided to let the crawfish go. “We ended up putting ’em back in the ground, over in the field,” Crystal said.

Where can you find these rare, bright-blue crawfish?

According to reports, blue crawfish live primarily in freshwater marshes, ditches, streams, wetlands, and flood plains, mostly found in Florida, south of the panhandle. However, people have seen them in California, France, and Germany. Experts believe these crawfish were introduced from aquariums.

In addition, crawfish live in water with little to no movement. However, they can withstand extended dry periods by burrowing in sand, mud, or clay in order to stay hydrated.

On average, blue crawfish grow four to five inches in length. However, there are some reports that some can measure up to seven inches. The typical life span for the blue crawfish can be up to five years.

Beyond blue, this species can come in several colors, including red, orange, and brown. However, most people want blue crawfish as pets. For the most part, aquarium keepers and crawfish enthusiasts have bred them to be a bright and intense shade of blue. They are also usually seen with lighter patches or dots.