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WATCH: Kids Go to Battle With Massive Python to Save Their Dog

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Monika Skolimowska/picture alliance via Getty Images)

A viral video is circulating on Twitter, and you won’t believe the lengths these kids go to protect their dog from a python.

In the video, which can be seen here, depicts three kids battling and unraveling a python from their dog. The python coils itself around the dog. The boys used teamwork to release their dog free from the python’s grasp.

The video, posted by SkyNews and reposted on Twitter by Barstool Sports, received over 24.7 million views thus far.

“These kids just saved their dog from the grasp of a python. Heroes,” the Barstool Sports Twitter account wrote in their caption.

Twitter users reacted to the incident in their replies. “Anything for a pet,” one person wrote in a tweet that garnered thirteen favorites. Another person agreed, writing “would have done the same.”

Some disagreed with the method of freeing the python. One user wrote, “Quicker fix would be to cut the head off the python with a knife.”

One commented on the dog’s relatively calm nature during the interaction. “That dog was extremely chill all things considered,” they wrote.

“Because it’s staged,” replied one user. Apparently, many agreed with them: thirty-one users liked that comment. However, some replied to that user with disapproving GIFs.

One person wrote, “that dog looked too calm.” Another person, in a tweet with forty favorites, wrote back: “because it was getting the life squeezed out of him.”

One user made a pun in reference to the classic Monty Python films. “I hope this dog’s name is Monty!”

Another user was critical of the video’s cameraman. “Imagine just sitting there filming instead of helping,” they wrote.

Florida Python Challenge Kicks Off

The annual Florida Python Challenge kicked off this week. It runs from August 5-August 14. People from across the country head to Florida for their chance to hunt Burmese pythons.

Florida wildlife officials call the species the state’s most invasive species. Seasoned snake hunters and novices alike will try their hand at killing the snakes.

Amy Siewe hunters the snakes and attends the annual event. At just 5’4″ and 120 pounds, Siewe appears small, but her hunting skills remain unmatched.

“I don’t look like I can catch a 17-foot snake,” the 45-year-old said. “But I can.”

The Florida Python Challenge encourages novice snake hunters to go after the snakes for prizes. The competition aims to raise awareness for both snakes and the harm they can cause to the environment.

“The proliferation of pythons is an emergency situation for our native wildlife in South Florida,” said Michael Kirkland, senior invasive animal biologist for the South Florida Water Management District and the manager of Florida’s Python Elimination Program. “Human detection right now is the most effective tool in our toolbox.”

Kirkland said people like Siewe removed 10,000 of the snakes since the state started looking into the problem in 2017.

“When it comes to pythons, we need all the help and awareness we can get,” he said.