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WATCH: Kids Stand Just Inches Away From Massive Dam Drain, and This Will Stress You Out

by Caitlin Berard
Dam Drain After Heavy Rain
(Photo by JFTringali via Getty Images)

A group of children was recently spotted swimming in an area no parent would approve of – right next to a massive dam drain. The drain is located in the reservoir of the Aguas Vermelha Dam in Brazil, a huge pool capable of holding more than two trillion gallons of water.

The reservoir does have a safety fence intended to prevent such excursions, but the children merely hopped over it for their afternoon dip. Now, swimming in a reservoir outdoors is incredibly dangerous as it is, but these children took it to the next level by swimming up to the dam drain, also known as a bell-mouth, to sit, run, and swim along its ominous edge.

Despite its appearance, the speed and strength of the draining water aren’t enough to pull a person in. Most could easily swim against the dam drain’s current, even at its most powerful. Additionally, there are no turbines inside to tear a swimmer to shreds, should they lose their footing.

That said, swimming near the drain is still dangerous, especially since the children seem to have no fear about walking inside the steep bell-mouth.

Should a swimmer fall into the dam drain, they would plummet through a vertical concrete tube until reaching the bottom, where it curves off into a horizontal tube for drainage. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough water draining from the reservoir to create a pool at this junction. Rather than landing in another body of water, the swimmer would hit the concrete tube and likely lose their life.

Social Media Responds to Insane Dam Drain Swim

When something horrifying is captured on video, you can always count on social media to point out the danger (or downright stupidity). So, of course, countless jumped in to give their opinions on the children’s ill-advised dam drain dip. “This is probably not even in the top 10 most dangerous things to do in Brazil,” one user joked.

“Watching this made me feel like I was about to fall in,” another shocked user said. “My anxiety has anxiety,” added a third. “My heart skipped a beat just looking at this,” agreed another.

Meanwhile, others shared their own horror stories surrounding swimming in off-limits areas. One user even lost a friend who fell into a dam drain and almost died themselves on a separate occasion.

“Speaking from experience in swimming in waterways, canals, and behind release gates and drops,” they wrote in a Reddit thread. “The closest I’ve ever come to dying. Got stuck and couldn’t get out of the whitewash for minutes.”

“I’ll also never forget my dad telling me about a tunnel they used to jump in as kids and go thru completely submerged,” the user wrote. “Sometimes they never came out. That’s if you don’t hit your head or break your neck like my friend did and drowned. Construction mods, grates, filters, treatment. I would not advise anyone try their luck.”