WATCH: LA Residents Stunned by Brutal Bear Brawl in Neighborhood Street

by Samantha Whidden

Residents in the Los Angeles County neighborhood earlier this week were stunned when a brutal bear brawl erupted in the street.

According to, the incident happened in Monrovia, California, which is supposedly known for animals from the San Gabriel Mountains stopping by to go through residents’ garbage. The bear brawl was caught by a security camera which showed the bears growling and swiping at one another in broad daylight. Eventually, one of the bears chased the other bear across the street and up a driveway. 

Although it is rare for bear brawls to happen in the Monrovia area, seeing the large animals roaming around is actually pretty common. In late May 2022, a black bear was seen strolling down the sidewalk in Monrovia. A resident shared that she saw the animal while she was driving through the area. She said she wasn’t sure why the cars in front of her were slowing down. That was when she saw the bear casually walking around. 

Fox 11 further reports that the California Department of Fish & Wildlife says that the state is home to between 30,000 and 40,000 black bears. The organization noted that during the springtime, bears are more likely to be seen due to being hungry post-winter hibernation. They recommend that residents invest in bear-proof garbage containers and not keep their trash on the curb until trash day.

Prior to the Brawl, Bears Break Into California Home & Eat Doughnuts in the Kitchen 

Meanwhile, earlier this summer, bears reportedly broke into a home in Monrovia home and enjoyed a box of fresh doughnuts that were on the kitchen counter. 

The homeowner, Alice Taylor, told UPI that she was in the house when she heard a noise. Turns out, it was a mother bear and cub breaking into her house by removing a window screen. Taylor then shared that the bears ate the box of doughnuts. In order to get the bears out of her home, Taylor made loud noises. The bears then left through the window. 

Although it was definitely an experience, Taylor stated that it wasn’t the first time that bears got into her home. She told ABC 7 that her son heard bears not too long ago in the home.

She also explained to the media outlet how she approached the recent incident with the bears. “I was just trying to figure out how do we get them out,” Taylor said. She said she stayed calm and kept her distance. The resident refrained from making noises because she wasn’t sure how the bears would react. 

Taylor further shared that Monrovia residents have embraced having bears roaming around the community. “We understand that trash cans are going to get knocked over. There’s certain things that go with having bears in our community.”