WATCH: Lightning Fast Deer Narrowly Avoids Massive Crocodile’s Jaws

by Sean Griffin
(Photo by Sanka Vidanagama/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In this crazy video posted to Instagram, a lightning-fast deer narrowly avoids this crocodile trying to snag an easy meal.

The deer’s instincts kicked in quickly as it jerked out of the way instantly when the crocodile surfaced from the water.

After the deer jumps out of the way in a flash, the crocodile slowly recedes into the murky water, and the clip ends. It reminds the viewer how stealthy the huge animals can be. Moreover, the clip displays the sheer speed of one of these reptiles.

However, luckily, this deer’s instincts proved a millisecond too quick for the predator, and it lives to see another day.

The video, posted to Instagram a few days ago, can be seen below.

The deer escaped what would’ve been sure death. Crocodiles have fierce jaws and a crazy bite force. Their deadly bite is also due to their razor-sharp teeth.

Crocodiles possess between 60-110 teeth at any given time. They go through about 4,000 in a lifetime. When a crocodile loses a tooth, a small replacement shortly replaces it. They are able to replace each of their 80 teeth up to 50 times over their lifespan, an incredible feat.

Crocodiles are mainly nocturnal hunters, but they will hunt at all times. They have excellent night vision. Their sense of smell and hearing are also very well-developed, which is displayed in this video.

Occasionally, crocodiles are cannibals. There have even been recorded cases of larger crocodiles eating smaller or younger crocs.

Crocodile Tries to Steal a Wild Boar From a Hungry Tiger

In this insane video footage, a tiger wrestles a wild boar to the ground as it attempts to take it down as prey. However, a crocodile lurks in the background and then tries to pounce on both the tiger and the boar.

The tiger, sensing it may be in danger, drags the boar further away. However, the crocodile continues lurking behind.

The video abruptly ends before we see the rest of the encounter and what ends up happening to the boar. We assume the tiger eventually ran off with the boar or that the crocodile gave up. However, it’s fun to imagine that the tiger and crocodile dueled over the boar.

“Wildlife has its own survival rules..let’s not intrude,” Surender Mehra writes in his caption to the post.

“Full video please,” one user requested, wanting to see more of the interaction between the three animals. Others seemed to like how the video leaves a little bit of a cliffhanger for the audience. One person wrote: “Interesting video. Leaves people guessing…’who killed who?’”

Another user wrote that the video was exactly what they wanted to see on their Twitter feed. They commented “Gold standard video. awesome!!!”