WATCH: Lightning Quick Fox Gets the Best of Big Snake in Heart-pounding Fight

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

While this might not be a major heavyweight championship fight, a snake ends up on the losing end to a really quick fox. In this viral video, you can see one fox and one snake absolutely go to war. The fox looks like it has the upper hand all the way, though. As we can see, the poor snake does his best to strike back. After the fox grabs him one time, it looks like the snake wriggles free. That does not last long, though. We do see the fox absolutely dominate the battle here. It’s really a heart-pounding fight between these two animals. Sadly, for those who were rooting for the snake, it looks like he comes out on the losing end. How can you tell? Well, the fox manages to grab that snake and drag him away. That’s the final scene of this titanic battle between both of them.

The caption is titled “The Man, The Serpent & The Fox.” It reads, “A snake falls to a superior hunter. It’s nothing to brag about, but an undeniable fact of the outside life is that the unfair advantage is exploited whenever possible. A nonvenomous snake has little to no chance against a persistent canid, but the serpent’s bad luck is the foxes blessing. He eats, you die. I don’t make the rules. #natureismetal #keepnaturemetal”.

Snake Ends Up Being A Snack For The Fox

Fans of this video were definitely rooting for the fox’s victory. One person wrote, “Hell ya fox! Get that f**king snake!” Another person said, “What kind of Fox is that, and can they be my friend?” This observer was watching the battle quite closely and had some thoughts about it. “Interesting how cautious the fox is despite the snake being non venomous and smaller”, the wrote. “Also cool to see the live action death shake as opposed to my small dog going at a stuffed animal lol”.

Seeing this battle in the world of nature definitely will get people’s attention. While this snake was nonvenomous, what if it had been venomous? Imagine that fox getting bit over and over again. Would the fox be able to nab his catch in the middle of a heated battle? There would have been a lot of snake bites to deal with for the fox. We imagine that the animal got bit by the snake a bit during the fight. But the battle stirs up attention from those seeing the video. One cannot seem to turn away from the fight going down. If you watch the video closely, then you can see how determined the fox was to get his catch. Heck, he even takes a little break from his attack to size up his opponent.