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WATCH: Lightning Strikes Moving Car, Entire Town Comes to Lend a Hand

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Lending a helping hand. A driver is learning the importance of community after their vehicle was struck by lightning, which caused an entire town to come help them. 

“Lightning bolt strikes moving car and the entire town comes to the rescue,” the video caption reads on Twitter. The video shows a car driving through a thunderstorm when it was hit by lightning. The vehicle then pulls over to assess the damage and during the process, the town that the driver was going through quickly came to assist them. 

According to the National Weather Service, although vehicles tend to protect those in it from lightning, sometimes they don’t always fare so well. 

“A typical cloud-to-ground, actually cloud-to-vehicle, lightning strike will either strike the antenna of the vehicle or along the roofline. The lightning will then pass through the vehicle’s outer metal shell, then through the tires to the ground. Although every lightning strike is different, damage to the antenna, electrical system, rear windshield, and tires is common.”

The heat can notably melt the antenna of a vehicle and also cause a small explosion of sparks. This is due to tiny fragments of metal melting and burning. “ A portion of the discharge may find its way into the vehicle’s electrical system and may damage or destroy electronic components, potentially leaving the car inoperable.”

It was further reported that the weather phenomenon may also find its way into the small defrosting wires that are embedded in rear winds. This can cause the windows to shatter. “Finally, it’s very common for the lightning to destroy one or more tires as it passes through the steel belts to the ground. It’s also possible for the lightning to ignite a fire which could destroy the vehicle.”

A Queensland Family Experiences Lightning Strike While Next to a Parked Vehicle 

In late November, a family in Queensland had quite an experience when lightning struck near their vehicle. According to 9Now News, Luna Li was picking her children up from Fuji International Kindergarten. As Li and her children were waiting by the parked car, a bolt hit the asphalt nearby. 

“All I can remember is a loud sound,” Li’s sister Lucy recalled. She then said a second lightning strike occurred once she reached her family. “It was really, really close to me. I just thought I was gonna die, but luckily we survived.”

Lucy then said that the strikes were so close that she could see the color purple and red in them. The children’s teacher, Kerryn McDonough rushed the remaining students inside the school. “We were having activities,” McDonough said. “Then all of a sudden, there was an almighty flash, it was red, then two consecutive bangs. It was so loud, I initially thought it was an explosion in our kitchen so I raced in to check what was going on.”