WATCH: Lion Feeding on Hippo in the Dark Looks Like Something Out of a Horror Movie

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by ZINYANGE AUNTONY/AFP via Getty Images)

A mother hippo was left mourning her calf earlier this year after a hungry lion decided to make it dinner. The below clip sees the lion feasting on the baby hippo in something not unlike a horror movie.

The video sees the lion with the doomed calf clasped firmly between its massive forepaws. Blood soaks the big cat’s mane around his chin as he rips into the creature’s flesh. The clip’s audio suggests that the hippo is being eaten alive. Each time the lion takes a mouthful of his flesh, we can hear the little hippo grunt.

According to the video caption, this kind of meal is an unusual one for lions. And that’s because mature hippos are considered to be some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

With a maximum weight of 9,000 pounds and sharp, foot-long tusks, these mammals are extremely aggressive and territorial. Given that fact, a lone lion would not chance a brawl with a hippo during the day. However, this clip is different. The feasting lion also happens to be the oldest male lion in the Maasai Mara. The Maasai Mara is a national game reserve in Kenya. In this rare instance, the lion has the advantage over the hippo, thanks to age and experience. The darkness helps the lion hide its prey from its mother, and the calf’s lack of experience likely saw it wander away from the safety of its pod, making it vulnerable to this kind of attack.

Viewers shared diverse reactions to the horrific scenes in the comments section.

One person wrote, “I legit thought this was a horror film.”

Another added, “It’s brutal to watch, wish they’d kill it first.”

Warthog Suffers Brutal Death Amid Lion Feeding Frenzy

Life in the African savannah can be truly brutal. An earlier clip shows the moment a pride of hungry lions descends upon a lone warthog, the pride’s lead male wrapping its deadly sharp teeth around the creature’s neck as the rest of the pride begins to dig in.

The footage begins moments after the warthog has been targeted, with the pride launching itself at the creature. Suddenly the pride of lions and the doomed warthog become a tumbleweed of fur and flesh, the group stirring up dust among all the vegetation.

As brutal as the clip might be, though, it gives us insight into the feeding habits of lions. As we see in the clip, the male lion is charged with disabling the warthog, with its sharp teeth clenched around its neck. The largest lionesses of the pride, meanwhile, begin feasting on their still-alive meal. And on the outskirts of the pride are the cubs, the newest members of the family and, therefore, the underdogs when it comes to mealtime. Impatient, they circle outside the frenzy of feeding lions, waiting for their opportunity.