WATCH: Little Girl Lucky To Be Alive After Unknowingly Picking Up Highly Venomous Eastern Brown Snake

by Shelby Scott
(Photo credit WILLIAM WEST/AFP via Getty Images)

Children are infamous for being vastly curious. However, one little girl’s curiosity almost got the best of her after she miraculously picked up one of the most venomous snakes in the world and completely avoided getting bitten.

According to the Daily Mail, an 11-year-old girl had been on a walk in Newport in Melbourne, Australia’s south-west when she came across a venomous eastern brown snake. The young girl picked it up and even filmed it entwined around her fingers. At the time, she’d been completely unaware of how close she had come to death. Footage of the hair-raising encounter can be found below.

“I have just found a snakey,” the girl proudly proclaims in the video. Per her account, she actually believed the admittedly small reptile to be a garter. A quick aside—garters are actually a common breed indigenous to North America.

As stated, the snake, an eastern brown, is one of the most venomous in the world. However, the species is also responsible for the most snake-related fatalities in Australia. And it’s that fact that makes the girl’s encounter even more unbelievable.

A reptile expert named Stewy the Snake Catcher shared a dire warning after watching the video. He said, “This is an extremely dangerous eastern brown…The girl in the video is extremely lucky that she wasn’t bitten by the snake, and her parents should probably go and buy a lottery ticket.”

Stewy offered further expertise regarding the eastern brown.

“Eastern brown snakes are a nervous snake,” he explained. He further begged parents to educate their children about the importance of leaving wildlife alone. He emphasized that “Education is the key” in making sure dangerous situations like these never happen in the first place.

Black Racer Snake Turns Smaller Snake Into a Quick Snack

Snakes are unique predators. That they can swallow prey larger than themselves is especially fascinating, however, their ability to eat things entirely whole makes the feat even more dynamic. Further, they can eat anything from eggs and fish to deer and even other snakes. Of course, that all depends on the species and its size.

A viral video of a sleek, black racer snake devouring a much smaller one whole speaks to the harsh reality of the cycle of life.

The video captures the black racer with the small snake seized by its midsection. The little creature fights valiantly for its life, even seeming to get in a bite of its own, latching its tiny jaws onto the larger predator’s nose. However, the move backfires, with the black reptile then folding the little one in half and almost entirely swallowing it before racing off into the woods. By the time the black snake makes its quick exit, all that’s left of the tiny reptile is its lifeless tail dangling from the racer’s mouth.