WATCH: Loose Cow Sends Cops on Wild Chase Down Alabama Highway

by Sean Griffin

A few weeks back, travelers along Interstate 65 outside of Cullman, Alabama were slowed by a moo-ving hazard. A loose cow ran away from police and animal control as it fled down a highway median, causing a spectacle for all to see.

In the video, taken from a vehicle pulled over on the side of the road, the cow darts down the median. It runs away from an animal control truck cruising behind.

However, the truck eventually corralled the animal and transferred it to a local pasture. Apparently, no one has claimed ownership of the runaway cow.

The cow surely looks like it enjoyed its joyride across the grassy median. However, some users didn’t think so: some felt sorry for the creature. “Poor cow was probably terrified,” one person wrote.

However, others commented on how the change of pace was most likely invited by the local police officers. One user said: “This definitely made my day. Bet it was a refreshing run for these cops.”

Plenty of commenters came ready with jokes and puns to offer the YouTube community. Someone in the comment section joked that the cow should be charged with resisting arrest and fleeing an officer.

Another user said “We’re gonna need a bigger orange vest for the new DoT employee in charge of mowing the median.”

A Group of Cows Frightened by One Tough Goose

A viral video of a goose holding its ground while cows angrily charge at it is currently making its way around the internet.

In an Instagram video posted by the account ‘thedarksideofnature,’ the video depicts the badass goose standing unflinchingly in front of a herd of charging cows.

“Balls of Steel,” the account cheekily writes in their caption. “A Canada goose laughs in the face of charging cows.”

In the video, multiple cows charge and attempt to ram the goose. However, the goose stands its ground each time and bows up to the cows. The cows back off each time in a surprising twist of nature.

Tons of celebrities and Instagram users commented on the viral video. James Power, a professional boxer from Ireland, wrote “Little guy is ready to throw down 😂.”

Activist Larissa Crawford joked that he “Must be a Toronto goose.” One user wrote a clever pun, saying “he didn’t give a duck.” Another account wrote “Stand your ground!”

“LEGENDS say…He still at the same spot waiting for a new challenge from a tougher cow,” one user joked in a comment that received twelve favorites.

“What sorcery is this?” one person wrote. “Canadian geese are built different baha,” a final user commented.