WATCH: Luke Bryan and Sons Encounter Giant Buck Swimming in River on Fishing Trip

by Joe Rutland

Country music singer Luke Bryan and his sons ran into quite a surprise while out on an outdoors trip in an episode of “Buck Commander.”

Bryan took his sons, Bo and Tate, down to south Georgia for some fishing and hunting action.

While out on the river, a giant buck was swimming next to its edge. Its giant antlers drew the attention of Bryan and others in the boat.

“That’s a deer right there,” Bryan said. “That is a big deer.”

“Nothing wrong with him, is it?” Willie Robertson, host of “Buck Commander,” asked.

“Welcome to Buck Commander from the Flint River,” Bryan said into the camera.

“Look at that deer, that’s a great buck y’all,” Robertson said. “Coming across the swiftest part of the river.”

“There he goes,” Bryan said. “You reckon they love to cross this thing? That’s a pretty good buck. Looks like a 10-point.”

Despite their focus on fishing, Luke Bryan and his fellow outdoorsmen were quite impressed by the big buck crossing the river.

Take a look at this “Buck Commander” episode. If you’d like to focus on the buck crossing the river, then go to the 8:35 mark of the video.

Wife Of Luke Bryan Shares Video Pranking Son’s Hunt

Luke Bryan, who also is a judge on “American Idol,” enjoys sharing his “12 Days of Prankmas” with his fans on social media platforms.

In this one, he gets his wife Caroline involved in the action as Bryan asked his son Bo to get ready for a hunt.

The video opens with Bo applying camouflage face paint on himself and his mom. Bo excitedly tells his dad, who’s filming it, his plans to bag a seven-point buck. But he has one request.

“Don’t be loud in the stand, please,” he pleads.

“Oh, your mom’s quiet,” Luke Bryan replies off-camera.

In the tree stand, she is anything but quiet. Caroline Bryan loudly slurps her drink, crunches ice, and talks at full volume. She opens what sounds like the world’s loudest bag of potato chips and even shushes him when he protests.

All the while, Bo is becoming more exasperated with his mom. At one point, he begs her to stop filming because he worries people on the Internet won’t believe she’s an actual country girl.

The final straw comes when Caroline pops in her headphones and begins singing the O’Reilly Auto Parts jingle. She even throws in the “yeow!” part. She can’t help but laugh as Bo whines, “Oh my God, I’m done. I’m really done.”

Here’s how the whole prank went down on Instagram.