WATCH: Mama Bear and Cubs Have an Absolute Blast Playing on Hammock in Incredible Clip

by Lauren Boisvert

A pair of black bear cubs and their mom were caught playing in a hammock in the North Carolina woods recently, and they look like they’re having a great time. This is definitely an adorable, must-see video. Sometimes, it’s not all bear encounters and learning how to protect yourself from them. Occasionally it’s adorable videos of these animals doing cute things.

The mama and her cubs crawl all over the hammock, a few times flipping it over and flinging each other out of it. Which is how I feel when I try and get out of a hammock too. At one point, the mama bear seems to have enough and just lays under the hammock and watches her babies have fun. It reminds me of this time last September when a mother black bear was teaching her cubs how to slide on a playground.

All in all, I think we’ve deserved some wholesome content after all the craziness of National Park tourists getting too close to bison and bear and moose. It seems like someone else is getting gored by a bison every week, and we need a palate cleanser. Allow these bears to be the lemon sorbet at the dinner party of life.

Bear Struggles to Figure Out Newfangled Bird Feeder

In Saraland, Alabama, an adolescent bear cub tried to figure out a new bird feeder. A woman filmed the bear trying to crack the code on her neighbor’s new bird feeder. The bear grabbed and shook it. It pulled on it to try and knock it down, before seemingly giving up and plopping down on the grass.

“My neighbor built a new birdfeeder that is a lot higher than the last one. The bear is trying to bring it down today!” the woman wrote on Facebook. Apparently, animals have gotten into her neighbor’s bird feeders before, so they had to build a higher one. While this seems like innocent behavior from a curious cub, a Facebook user in the comments condemned this behavior. They wrote, “This is disgusting. The bear will end up getting killed because of humans stupidity and the craving for attention. Great job.”

Maybe a bit harsh in the tone, but the sentiment is there. A lot of bears wander into neighborhoods and dig through trash, pull down bird feeders–like this bear who climbed a woman’s patio to get her feeders–or break into homes and garages to rifle through fridges. It’s always important if you live in a heavily bear-populated area that you secure your garbage cams and outdoor fridges, lock your doors and windows when you’re not in your house, and keep your pets inside. We’re always looking out for ways to make ourselves safer around these animals. That includes doing research and knowing how to deter them from our homes and neighborhoods. This keeps bears wild and safe as well.