WATCH: Mama Bear Defends Cubs, Catch From a Young Intruder

by Megan Molseed

One mama bear has been caught on video as she tells a young intruder that they have come “close enough” in a viral video showing the momma defending her cubs, as well as their fresh catch. It’s a wild video as we see one bear walking towards something that is on the ground next to a body of water. As this young bear approaches, another one comes running…stopping the intruder from going any further.

“That’s Close Enough,” the Instagram caption starts in the now-viral post. The video, which is shared on the Nature Is Metal Insta page features the video as the momma defends her young cubs and their freshly caught food from the approaching stranger.

One Fierce Momma Bear Stands Up To An Invading Would-Be Thief

As the momma runs into the frame, the intruder begins to step away while keeping a sharp eye on the advancing momma bear. Eventually, the momma makes contact, but the intruding bear is ready to stand up and defend itself. Soon, both bears are in the water on their hind legs as they battle for who will gain the upper hand. Finally, the momma makes a final push, sending the intruder back onto all-fours first as she declares herself the winner of the confrontation.

“A mother brown bear defends her cubs,” the caption continues.

“and a freshly caught salmon from a younger bear,” the Insta post continues, noting that this fuzzy intruder was very likely “intent on claiming the fish for his own.”

One Bear Is Checking Out Alabama Backyards For A Delicious Snack

Recently, another viral video featured another bear looking for some goodies. This bear, however, was stepping into one Alabama neighborhood, hoping to score some goodies sitting in a backyard birdfeeder.

In the viral video, the unexpected backyard visitor attempts to reach the top of the birdfeeder…where all the snacks are hanging. However, the animal is unable to reach the goods at the top of the feeder.

“My neighbor built a new birdfeeder that is a lot higher than the last one,” notes the Facebook user who posted the viral video.

“The bear is trying to bring it down,” the poster adds.

As the online footage continues, viewers see the backyard intruder standing on its hind legs as it shakes the birdfeeder’s pole. However, this is one well-built backyard feeder and the visitor is unable to take it down, and the bear returns to a sitting position on the ground. Defeated by the undefeatable bird-feeder.