WATCH: Mama Beaver Carries Her Baby in the Most Adorable Video You’ll See All Week

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Patrick Pleul/picture alliance via Getty Images)

If you were looking for something to help kick your day off on a positive note, then look no further. A viral clip shows a mama beaver infant carrying her offspring in what is certainly the most adorable video you’ll see all week. Check it out:

The person that originally posted the video on Twitter, known simply as Jess, asked the same question we’re all wondering about: “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that beavers just walk around carrying their babies in their arms?!”

As cute as it is, it’s also a unique sight. Most mother animals don’t necessarily “carry” their children as literally as this mother beaver does. Cradling the infant beaver in her arms, she awkwardly waddles up a small embankment, seemingly bringing her offspring to what might be a den.

Viewers absolutely lost it in the comments.

“Wow, super cute!!” one wrote. “Had no idea they were such great parents!!”

A human mom added, “I’m grateful to have much longer arms than she does.”

An insightful commenter further shared, “OMG! Beavers are amazing! Fab work and family values, unlike most mammals, THEY mate for life; even let members of otha species crash in their dens in the winter! and…[they] make the wetlands!!”

Who knew there was so much more to beavers than taking down trees with sharp powerful incisors and building—what some people claim are troublesome—dams?

Beaver Caught ‘Taking a Bath’ In Zion National Park

Not only are beavers skilled builders, empathetic acquaintances and companions, and doting mothers, but they’re also, apparently, pretty big on hygiene. A cute clip from Zion National Park captured the moment an American beaver took a moment to himself spending long moments cleansing and combing through his fur with his paws.

Posting the video on Instagram, the National Park Service offered further information about the North American beaver.

Per their post, the beaver is North America’s largest rodent. Adults among the species typically weigh an impressive 45-60 pounds but have been known to reach as much as 100 pounds. In addition, the North American beaver boasts a unique fur coat. First, they boast a layer of short hair, meant to keep them warm. The second layer consists of much longer hair which helps keep them dry, waterproofing them against the waters they’re typically found in.

In addition, the NPS said, “Beavers, which spend so much of their time in the water, groom their fur coats whenever they waddle ashore.” While bathing, these fascinating creatures sit upright, similar to a rabbit, and use their forepaws to shake water from their ears. That’s just the beginning though.

Interestingly, beavers carry an oily substance known as castor on the underside of their belly, which they use both for grooming and marking their territory. After shaking the water from their ears during a bath, they might also scratch the hair on their heads, rub their eyes, comb their whiskers, and scratch their bellies.