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WATCH: Mama Black Bear, Two Cubs Break Into Home Using Dog Door

by Sean Griffin

This black bear and her two cubs broke into a Canadian home over the weekend by entering through a doggie door. Inside, they reportedly ate a bowl of fruit, granola, some pet food, cocoa powder, and even salted caramel syrup.

The group of bears wiggled through the dog door at Michael and Jacqueline Kellam’s rural home in Nanaimo in British Columbia, Canada. The couple then called the police and waited in their bedroom in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Apparently, the three bears were back at it again the next night. They reportedly broke into five vehicles in the neighborhood and even ate some boxes in Kellan’s SUV.

“We’re used to seeing bears here and I’ve broken a lot of wooden spoons banging on pots to scare them away,” said Kellam, a local optometrist. “But we’ve never had anything like this.”

Footage below shows the bears entering the home through the small door.

Conservation officers placed second barrel trap into the neighborhood on Monday. They used molasses and honey to entice the bears.

Around 3:45 a.m. on Saturday, the couple was awakened by their eight-year-old poodle Mollie frantically barking. She started “barking like she’s never barked before,” said Kellam. When Jacqueline Kellam left bed to investigate, she saw a bear cub three feet away.

The Kellams then locked the bedroom door and called 911. They heard “some loud snuffling noises coming from the hallway,” so they knew the mama bear was near.

Man Describes the Huge Mess the Black Bears Made Inside

“Times sort of slows down and it seemed like forever … it had snowed a lot that night and we live in a steep area and I was thinking the police aren’t going to get here,” said Kellam.

Kellam mustered enough courage to go investigate the house, and he saw the door was intact. However, he saw that the pet door — measuring nine inches wide and 16 inches deep — had been chewed and ripped open.

Somehow, the mama bear then managed to squeeze through the small opening. She first helped one of her cubs through and then pushed herself through.

Reportedly, the smallest cub was in the house for about an hour, while the mother and other cub were inside for about 35 minutes. The mother and that cub left just before police arrived.

Paw prints were left in the syrup the bears had tracked around the house. In the kitchen, cabinets were swinging open, and a wine rack was tipped over. Bags had been ripped up everywhere. “We had some cleaning up to do,” said Kellam.

The next day, Kellam woke up to see his vehicle door open in his driveway.

He went outside to investigate and found nothing stolen, but snow was everywhere in the front, and his sunglasses were chewed up.

The vehicles were all unlocked and the bears were smart enough to open them, Kellam said. “Obviously the bears had come back. … They can break into houses and cars now.”

However, this time, Kellam made sure to bolt up his doggie door to prevent the same thing from happening again.

“We’ve been here 13 years and we see a lot of black bears,” he said. “They are the kings of the forest around here.”